Friday, March 13, 2009

Speaking Korean

Elliot has a friend at pre-school that is Korean. He loves this little boy. As we walk to school, Elliot usually says 'I hope (this sweet Korean little boy) will be there' and I always say 'I hope he is, too.' I see his mom occasionally in the queue to drop off and pick up our children. She seems incredibly friendly and she's definately someone who I'd like to get to know better. Especially as our children think so highly of each other.

This boy's mother doesn't speak English confidently. Every time I start speaking to her she apologises for her bad English, but I'm able to understand her just fine. I feel bad that she feels so badly about her English skills. I thought I'd level the playing field. So I asked N to ask HIS Korean friend to teach me how to say 'hi, how have you been doing?' in Korean. You wouldn't believe how big the smile was on her face today as I stumbled through that Korean phrase. I thought to myself 'she thinks her English is bad, I promise you my Korean is worse!' But it certainly made her happy. She seemed speechless and then said 'that's just so .. nice' before she had to run off anyway. I feel like I've made a friend.

It was such a simple thing to do. I really hope that Elliot and his Korean friend stay friends for a long time so we can learn about each other's cultures and languages. Widen our horizons. So, for those of you out there who don't have a Korean friend to teach you phrases to impress others, I'll do that for you. Seriously, if you attempt any bit of Korean to a Korean person they'll be really shocked and impressed. Even if you butcher it like I did. Try it for yourself!

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  1. That is such a nice thing to do! I went to Korea a couple of years ago. I loved it! The people are all so friendly, and they were falling over themselves to look after my little boy!

    I hope that you can become friends!
    Good luck with the Korean.

  2. I do have Korean friends, but their first and only language is English. Maybe, though, the old Korean ladies at the gym, who walk naked around the locker room, would appreciate my effort. =)

  3. What a fabulous thing to do. You really must have made her day. I don't know any Korean people, but I shall make a note just in case I ever do.

  4. Sounds like you made a new friend! I hope you two get to know each other better :)

  5. its such a complex language, well done to you for making the huge effort for her. She seems to lack confidence and I am sure your kindness will help her relax more and come out of her shell x

  6. You really are *such* a sweetheart, Michelle. She'd be lucky to have you as a friend.


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