Saturday, April 18, 2009

Compare the meerkat advert

There's this advert on the telly that I love. I giggle everytime I watch it and everytime I see it I think what a brilliant advert it really is. N was saying the other day he'd love to have been involved in that process where someone somewhere thought 'hmm, car insurance, car insurance. What can we do to advertise car insurance? I know! Let's make an advert about a Russian meerkat!' Absolutely genius. I almost used 'simples!' in a conversation the other day, that's how much this advert has affected my life. I love it. I had to share it.

(and is an actual website! with meerkats!)


  1. "Simples" has become a phrase of choice at work this week, the only problem being that none of us can do the squeak noise that follows it!

  2. Kate - me and hubbie have tried for ages to make the squeak noise too, but sadly we were unsuccessful!

    I heart this commercial too and the Wicked Witch Orange Wednesday one as well!

  3. I love it too!

    I've never been to the website before - thanks for making me smile!

  4. LOL, we have the gecko for geico they have meerkats!

  5. I found the meerkat website and had lots offun comparing meercats! Simplez is my new favourite word! x

  6. This is just another excuse to watch this video. I don't have anything else to add.

  7. Hi Michelle, from another Michelle.

    I really love the ad too - so much so, that I've dedicated a couple of pages on one of my websites to both 'meeting meerkats' experiences and also meerkat soft toys - think it's becoming an obsession ;)

    Been trying desperately to find an official Aleksandr toy but alas I've found out there aren't any. (I found your site while searching actually!). The official fansite on Facebook is trying to petition Aleksandr Orlov (Mr Meerkat) for one though - hopefully in time for xmas - and they're requesting it says 'simples'. Wouldn't that be great? Hehe.

    Love the blog - especially the gorgeous butterfly design!

    Take care,

  8. I'm sure I saw an Alexandr meerkat toy somewhere... possibly Clinton's Cards? I bet more people visit than Simples. *squeak*


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