Friday, April 17, 2009

REVIEW: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

I really liked Someone Like You. I didn't expect that. I've heard rave reviews about Sarah Dessen but I didn't really believe all that was said about her until I read this book, especially as I hate the cover. It's too pink and horrible for me, but I did enjoy this book very much.

It's the story of two best friends, Scarlett and Halley. Scarlett's boyfriend dies in a motorcycle accident and she later finds out that she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Halley is dealing with her own issues with an overbearing mother and a new relationship.

It's books like these where I really mourn the fact that I've never had a best friend. That special someone that I'm open and honest with, who I share my secrets with and who I would turn to in times of need. I wish I had a Scarlett to my Halley.

I very much liked the friendship between the two girls, the quirkiness of some of the characters (Vlad and Marion), even the struggle between Halley and her mom, which is surprising. I don't normally like the mother-daughter aspect of most books. I thought that Sarah Dessen did a great job of harnessing her inner teenage girl and everything felt right. All in all, this was a surprisingly good read. I will definately look out for more of Sarah Dessen's work.


  1. I love her books. They are republishing all her backlist in the UK with cover styles that match Just Listen, this will help an awful lot I think! xx

  2. I shall have to look out for her,especially if they are republishing her backlist here. Sounds really good. I don't mind the cover, but then I have a thing about pink!

  3. "Too pink and horrible for me." LOL! I agree.

    Dessen is one of those authors I know I need to read and haven't gotten around to yet.

  4. i relate to your mourning. I really do. And I'm sorry for you that you haven't. though I have a "best friend" it isn't at all like that.

    I need a great read, and although repulsed by the cover as well, i think I'll search the library for this one.

    have a great weekend!

  5. There's still time in your life to find a special friend who will be like that for you! I hope you find her. :)

  6. I didn't think I would like Sarah Dessen either, but I read Dreamland in one sitting and thought it was great. I haven't read anything else by her, but I'm hoping to read her upcoming book. I think it's called Along For the Ride.

  7. charley - I didn't realise she had another one coming out! I still have all of her backlist to wade through, only my local libraries either don't carry her or are always checked out.

    Damselfly - Oh, I hope so.

    Misty - I know that any potential best friend will probably never live up to the ideal in my head :( Do look for this book, it was quite good.

    Ali - (farmlanebooks?) It really is a horrendous cover, don't let that stop YOU as well!

    Scrap girl - yeah, some girls do. I never really did get all into pink. It's just not in me.

    Kate - wonderful news. Oh, actually is it all black with a weird font on the cover? I saw that in a bookstore somewhere.. I'm not sure what I think of that either..

  8. Farmlanebooks? Nope, that's Jackie. Far be it from me to pose as she of the prize-winners reading list and proper English accent! I post on Worducopia. :-)

  9. What a pretty blog! :-) I enjoyed your review. I just finished writing about this on my blog, and I'm linking to yours.


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