Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doing Something Different: Days 4, 5 and 6

Hopefully I'll never get this far behind again! I've been playing catch-up in so many areas of my life. This blog, the laundry and cleaning of the house, uploading photos for family members. Once I've caught up with my blog reading, all will be well. Maybe. Well, I hope so.

Day Three - N has been trying to sort out a dinner with some friends for ages. Let me give you some perspective here. One particular couple that came to the dinner was engaged the last time we met up with them. Now, they're married and have a 7 month old baby. That's how long it's been. We really needed a night out to catch up with friends and eat some good food. We left the boys with N's mother and went to a Thai place in Reading and it was wonderful. Good company, wonderful pad thai!

Day Four - This day was wonderful. We spent the morning doing some much needed gardening for our back yard. It's really coming together out there. I'm going to love it when it's all finished and child-friendly. Then we spent the afternoon at one of Oldest' closest friend's birthday party. Fun was had by all. But I don't count the gardening as something different as N and I started doing the garden up before April, and we always go to birthday parties. So I decided to have a movie night with N. It didn't exactly go as planned.

First, there was no popcorn. Second, N fell asleep and I watched the movie on my own. Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black. It was OK. Movie night did not go exactly how I pictured it in my head, but again, I tried. It'd be nice to make it a regular thing. When the kids go to sleep, we usually watch TV programmes - when I'm not reading, studying or using the computer to update my blog! And we have so many new movies that we haven't seen yet... we need to make more time for this.

Day Five - (finally something I can take a photo of!) We went to another local park, this time California Country Park. There's a large playground here as well as a lake to walk around. We stayed mostly in the playground on the slides with a picnic blanket. We were meant to be meeting up with a large group of people for the weekly NCT coffee afternoon, but it ended up being just us and one other woman and her two children. That was OK. Oldestjust wanted to run around somewhere new and occasionally kick his football around. We got quite a few photos of him being silly but they came out blurry :( When we left, Oldest said 'can we come back here tomorrow, I had lots of fun!' That, folks, is why I'm doing this project.

Oh, what will the rest of the month have in store for us...?


  1. i know that "behind" feeling... I hate it and I am trapped there.

  2. Sounds like you guy's are having some fun!

  3. I love that you guys had fun at the park. Shame the movie night didnt go to plan but at least the thought was there :o) I enjoy eating out more-so these days. I went for a sunday lunch at the weekend with the kids, maybe this is something you could do!! xx

  4. I love the things you are trying. I hope to try and do the same in the summer hols. I might make up a possible list of new things to try.

  5. I like that your Doing Something Different activities involve being outdoors - I fully support that.

  6. Enjoyed the images and the details . Its was fun to read the paost and pictures are cute too.

  7. I just read your post for Doing Something Different. This is a great idea. I know exactly how you feel about everyday feeling the same. I think I'm going to start today. I'm glad you're excited about the idea of a book club between you and your boys. It's really fun.

  8. Sounds like you're having so much fun, from the dinner with friends to the movie night to the gardening and park.

    I am definitely behind in everything, sigh....


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