Friday, June 12, 2009

Children's Books

I always love it when other bloggers post photos of their bookshelves. Why is that? Anyway, I thought I'd share this photo of Oldest and Joshua's books in their new bookshelf that we've put up in the garage.

This is besides the books that are in the living room and the bookshelf in Oldest's room. I love that my boys already have their own little library. It's never too early, don't you think?


  1. The books look fab in their shelves and no they are never to young to start.

  2. No, of course not! It's never too early to start a library!

  3. I like seeing other people's bookshelves, too. Even in the fancy decorating magazines, I'm always all "Where are the books? Show me the library!" (and "Don't you people read?").

    Elliot and Joshua are off to a great start!

  4. I love seeing bookshelves too!

    Childrens books are always so colourful!

    Elliot and Joshua are so lucky!

  5. You can also rotate the books from the other spots (library and son's room) with these on the garage bookshelf. This way they may discover something 'new' that has been in your home a while :)

  6. Okay, I was starting to think I had gone a little book crazy. I have bought so many books for my kids and that doesn't include the tonnes of books I bought off of Ebay when I had my own classroom. Those are still packed away in my parent's basement, which I raid occasionally to see if there are any age appropriate books for my kids. I have even found old copies of some new books I bought without realizing I already had them. Oops! Anyway, I hope to get a bookshelf in my daughter's room soon. The children's book are taking over our entertainment unit!


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