Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mock Exam

The course I'm taking at the moment doesn't have a proper exam. Thank god. But they insist on doing a mock exam to prepare for later courses, which happened yesterday evening. I've always thought that I test well, that I don't succumb to test-pressure, but this stupid mock exam really threw me for one these last few weeks. Why have I put myself through all this angst over it?

I've done really well on my assignments, I've kept up with the reading, attended all the tutorials. I've already done everything I can to get a good mark, but still, I've been stressing over this mock exam more than I should. I was a nervous wreck yesterday. Running upstairs now and again to flip through my notes one more time, kept tapping my foot, running through the outline I'd prepared for the essay I'd have to write. I'd keep checking to make sure I had the right papers, plenty of pens in my bag. I even ran into a door. Split my lip and everything. It's still swollen.

When I got to the room where the exam would take place, I started to shred this mint packet I had with me into little bits, just to keep my hands busy. When it started, of course, OF COURSE, I'd forgotten to turn off my phone and I get a text message just as the whole class has settled into silence to begin writing. Everyone turns to look at me, definately not a good start.

I thought I did well, until the ending. I'd begun to run out of steam, my hand was hurting from writing so much and from writing so hard. By the end of it that pen was pretty useless. But at least it's over and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Except I won't know my results for another two and a half weeks. But on the up side - my new iPhone has arrived. It's so shiny and pretty and it feels like it's my reward for working so hard and turning into a basketcase.


  1. I am so glad it is over for you. You have probably done really well. Just chill now.

  2. oh no! you split your lip! i hope you did well, i am sure that you did!! now you can breathe!

  3. I'm glad it's over, I'm sure you did great. An iPhone is a great reward.

  4. Proof positive that a mock exam can produce genuine worry. I'm sure you did well, having done all the reading and prep work.

    Hope your lip is improving, and guessing your iPhone is a suitable distraction!


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