Sunday, June 21, 2009


For some reason, everytime I make up my mind that this blog has died a natural death and that I might be better off moving along, things happen and I get right back into that mindset of 'ooh, I'd like to blog that.' And so the universe has conspired against me again, and (hopefully/possibly) I'll be back with some degree of regularity over the next few days. We'll see.

There's been a lot of letting go happening over the last two weeks. I've unsubscribed to nearly 3/4 of the blogs I'd normally visit. The blogs that I do subscribe to haven't been visited in roughly two weeks. You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging much or commenting. I've logged into Facebook off and on but I'm quickly losing interest in it. The only site that I continue to be enthralled with is Twitter, though even that has not been updated as often as I could have done.

But it's been a freeing experience. I've really enjoyed cutting the cord and walking away for a bit. The power that this blog/my google reader subscriptions/facebook has held over me this year has been too much so I'm still in the process of finding the right balance so everything feels right. Here's to finding that .. and quickly. I've missed you all.


  1. and we've missed you honey. welcome back :)

  2. Missed you, too! But no worries: all this electronic stuff is supposed to enhance real life, not replace it. Or so I keep telling myself.

    Happy to listen whenever the mood strikes you. No pressure!

  3. I totally understand the feeling!

  4. I hope you manage to find that balance soon!

    I love the photo!

  5. I've been contemplating the entire "blog -- what's the point" question all week.

  6. It has definitely not been the same without you. I have missed you. I know what you mean though, it is very time consuming. I am trying to find a good balance as I want to spend more time writing in September than on here. So I am trying to let go of a few unneccessary obligations that I only took up because I don't like to say no. As they say, 'IF IT FEELS HEAVY, DON'T DO IT.'

  7. oh i know just how you feel! i miss everyone when i am away but sometimes the pressure to keep going gets to me too!

  8. After my week of vacation and being away from the blog (mostly) I can see how much more time I have if I'm not online every moment. I already barely Twitter or Facebook. I need to unsubscribe to a lot of blogs as well, there are too many that I just skim and never read.

    Do what you enjoy, don't worry about the rest. Blog once a month if that's what you like. Do what makes you happy.


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