Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little April Shower (Musical memories)

Sometimes, on a Sunday afternoon, N and I will watch a film with the boys. Usually if we're feeling tired and we'd like the boys to calm down for awhile. So, naturally, I normally fall asleep to these films. Last weekend, we put in Bambi. Bambi was one of my favourites as a child. I used to watch it non-stop. It made me cry every single time (am now reminded of Chandler and Friends!). This time, when I watched it, I remembered something else.

I remember watching this film as a little girl and thinking this song was the beautiful sound I'd ever heard. I loved the raindrops falling on the leaves, but once the singing started I was always mesmerised. Until it got scary, of course, but I liked that too. I love remembering these little memories of me as a small child. It makes me wonder what the boys will remember as the most beautiful sound they'd ever heard..

What was your favourite sound as a child? Favourite Disney film?


  1. What a lovely memory! When I was a child my favorite sound was the rain on the roof, we had a metal roof (of some kind, maybe tin) and you could hear every drop. I've always thought if I built my own house I would build it with metal so that you could hear the sound of the rain.

    My favorite Disney movie, that's hard, I think it has to be Cinderella, but I loved Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Then when I had my girls it was The Little Mermaid. Now I have boys and they don't watch Disney movies (had two girls then two boys).

  2. My favourite Disney movie when I was tiny was Jungle book. Then when I saw Beauty and Beast I was converted. Its still one of my most loved films of all time.

    My favourite sound was sitting in the sun lounge when a massive deluge of rain would suddenly come down. It felt like the roof would cave in but never did cos I was safe.

  3. Definitely listening to a thunderstorm. I still love to hear the thunder and the rain.

  4. I'm sitting here racking my brain trying to remember my favorite Disney movie as a child and I've got nothing. My favorite movies as a child were Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz. I've never really been into cartoons.

  5. Bambi was the first movie I remember seeing in the theater..
    I don't recall what my favorite sound was as a child, but Fox and the Hound was my favorite disney movie then. Now I love all Disney movies!

  6. All of the people who mentioned rain or thunderstorms as their favourite sound - I'm totally with you.

    Interesting selection of favourite Disney films! A friend of mine's favourite Disney film was The Lion King. She onced watched it every day for an entire summer. As I practically lived at her house I grew to HATE the film. Can't watch it now. Pretty much love all of their other films though.


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