Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New books, or Yet Another Reason I love N!

N doesn't normally buy me books. He's against it on principle - and I suppose it is fairly wasteful, buying a book only to read it once. (There are only a very small handful of books that I will read again and again.) I'm OK with that. I have a lot of books, most that I've read, a lot that I haven't.

I use the library a lot, make good use of a book-swapping website and I know the best charity shops to pick up books secondhand. But nothing really replaces buying yourself a brand new book, don't you think? It gives me a little thrill. I like being surrounded by books, and N knows that, even if he doesn't fully understand it and he sometimes grumbles about my piles of books EVERYWHERE.

And yet, last week, he brought home a bag of new books he bought for me. Isn't he wonderful? Saw them in a shop on sale, and looked for some books that I would like. He knows me so well, they're a perfect balance of chick-lit and YA. They've been sitting on my bedside table taunting me with their pretty covers, whispering to me, 'read me' as I sleep.

A Brand New Me by Shari Low

Strictly Love by Julia Williams
Lessons in Love by Kate Lawson
Midnight Cactus by Bella Pollen
Three of Diamonds by Anthony Horowitz
Spindle's End by Robin McKinley
Timekeepers by Catherine Webb

It was such a nice surprise. I saw them and I said 'But you don't like buying me books!' He did it anyway. God, I love him.


  1. That is so nice! I would love my husband to buy me books, but I think he is a bit intimidated by the number I have already!

    I think that is so romantic though - much nicer than flowers or chocolates!

  2. How kind and thoughtful! Kudos to him for making you happy. Enticing, unread books are such a cheerful form of wealth.

  3. He did it because he loves you and knows how hard you work. Enjoy!

  4. Oooh, Spindle's End! I want to read that.

    That was very sweet of him. Enjoy your new books :)


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