Monday, August 03, 2009

Favourite children's cartoons, or I'm such an 80s child

I once wrote a paper in school about Rainbow Brite. I said, pretty much, that the world needed to be covered in Star Sprinkles. My dad embarassed me with that story for many, many years. Also, I desperately wanted my own real Starlite.


The new movie anyone? Haven't seen it.

I have a Carebear still. I had one when I was little, and then ..misplaced it, so N bought me the same one.

Coolest theme song ever.

God, I love the smurfs.

When I watched this trailer just now, it was a little embarassing that I could sing along and that I remembered all the lyrics. Some things just never go away.

Scooby-doo is timeless.

Feeling a little nostalgic for my childhood, so I thought I'd share with you all my favourite cartoons as a little girl! I have an older brother and the cartoons he watched heavily influenced my own choices. Mostly as I didn't have a choice as to watch to watch when he was around! The cartoon we always agreed on? Inspector Gadget. That was a cool show. Possibly look out for further blog posts, Favourite cartoons, N and Oldest editions. Maybe. We'll see.

What were your favourite cartoons growing up?


  1. Ah, the memories :D I loved all of those too. And also David the Gnome, Tom Sawyer, and Bannertail.

  2. I was singing the Flintstones theme tune to my kids on the weekend. They loved it. I also remember a big British cartoon that used to be on at lunchtimes called Jamie and The Magic Torch. He used to go down a tunnel to another land.

  3. Nymeth - DAVID THE GNOME! Oh my god, I'd completely forgotten about that. LOVED that show.

    Vivienne - I think N used to watch Jamie and the Magic Torch. Or somehow I know the name of that. I like how N and I watched very different cartoons because he's older than me (6 years) and that we grew up in different countries. And I thought it'd be fun to see the different programmes little kids these days watch. I don't know, maybe that's just me that finds those things interesting?

  4. When I grew up cartoon-shows was something which was aired for 25 minutes on Saturday on the single TV-channel we had in Denmark at that time (the 80'es). We did not get a second TV-channel until 1989....nowadays we have a lot, but I never REALLY got into cartoons. I do like Tom & Jerry and other classic cartoons as well as old Donald Duck cartoons.

    I spent a lot of time READING cartoons though, Smurfs, Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke and a lot of others of which I do not know the English title :o)

    I still love cartoons and comic-books to this day

  5. Louise - how interesting it is to hear about how it was for you. 25 minutes on a Saturday morning seems like such a rip-off!

    I have to say, I was never one for comic books. My brother read some off and on, but they were never my thing. (still aren't, ssshhh!)

  6. Ok, I watched He-man and She-ra religiously. My other favorite was Voltron. And don't forget Jem - she's truly outrageous!

  7. Those are all classics. :-) My friend and I used to watch She-ra every morning before school during our middle school years.

    The Flintstones and Jetsons were favorites of mine. Oh, and Richie Rich and Mighty Mouse. Johnny Quest was a must see on Sunday mornings.

  8. I used to love Top Cat, Hong Kong Phooey and Captain Caveman, but I guess that's showing my age! I have a much younger sister, so all the cartoons that you mentioned are ones that I used to sit and watch with her and brought back a whole host of memories!

  9. Oh I LOVED the smurfs. I was just trying to explain them to my daughters the other day. I also loved Dungeons & Dragons - the one where they got lost on the fairground ride. Also Hartbeat and ASrt Attack - that bloke never ages. He looks the same now with my kids watching him as he did when I watched him at that age. It's so unfair!! My favourite childrens programme of all time was Knightmare. I sooooo wanted to go on that show :D

  10. Carmen - That is so sad, having to *explain* The Smurfs to anyone. Everyone should know the Smurfs :) I never watched the other programmes you mentioned though!

    Janette - I've heard of those, but never seen them, because I am too young!

    Literary Feline - I'd forgotten The Jetsons as well! What was the name of the dog? I always wanted to name a dog after you know, that dog. Whatever his name was. It'll come to me later today, I'm sure.. or tonight as I'm falling asleep.

    Lenore - Jem, Jem, Jem. Does not ring a bell, though I feel like it should do. Hmm.

  11. We have the same favorite cartoons! Nowadays, there's nothing good on tv on Saturday mornings - no reason to get up early. Remember when it was worth it to get up early for school so you could sit in front of the tv watching cartoons while eating your cereal? They really do need to bring back the 80s :)


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