Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staycationing (and oompa-loompas!)

Currently, our family is on a stay-cation. It's meant to be the new hip and trendy thing to do these days (I wouldn't really know, being neither of these things!). All the fun of going someplace new and different and yet still able to come home and sleep in your own bed. It does have it's perks. Over the last few days we've been to London (didn't see the queen!), the beach, a model village, a safari park and tomorrow we're hitting up a theme park. It's been absolutely brilliant so far! But I am hoping for a day of rest and relaxation sometime...

Thank you for that trickle of commenters who continue to make me smile! Thank you for not abandoning me even though I haven't had a chance to read other blogs in almost two weeks and am hardly around! And because I love you all so much, here is a picture of some 'oompa-loompas' that were spotted over the weekend at the South Bank in London. Didn't manage a shot from the front, but you get the picture, right? Aren't they fantastic?!

What have you lot been up to this week? Fill me in on your exciting news.

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