Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stuff on my head Part 2

This is the donkey that started my collection. N and I were walking around at the mall in Eugene during one of his visits. We wandered into the Disney store, and I saw this beautiful Eeyore dressed up as a butterfly. Nothing I love more than donkeys and butterflies. I wanted to buy it right there and then. N convinced me not to. I don't remember how. Then he said he needed to use the bathroom, and I waited for him on a bench nearby. I kept looking in the direction of the toilets, but when he did show up it was from a different direction. I figured he'd gotten lost and didn't think anything else of it. Later, on the bus, he pulled out the butterfly Eeyore and gave it to me as a surprise.

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  1. I do so love Eeyore!! It's never really been a donkey thing. Just Eeyore. He's my favorite of the Pooh characters (which are all my favorite of the Disney Characters!)


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