Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy birthday to .. me

28 years ago today, I was born. Hurrah. I love the story of my birth. Let me bore you with it... My mom was on her way from Texas to Alaska. She was either on a greyhound bus or an airplane, depending on who you speak to. Her waters broke and the bus/plane had to make an emergency stop in Seattle where I was born. My due date, however, was mid to late September. There was little me, born just slightly over 4lbs and of course everyone fell in love...

How could they not? Despite not always having the greatest birthday, it being during the summer holidays when everyone is away, I grew up healthy and mostly happy, but kind of dreading those alone-birthdays. Now fast-forward to today, the year I turn 28...

And I'm sure to have the best birthday ever. Not because I have the most presents or because of how many people remember my birthday. But because I have the two most gorgeous boys in the world, who give me lots of hugs and who only wipe their faces after I give them kisses after I've turned away and they think that I'm not looking. Poor N's struggled to find the perfect birthday gift for me this year, but it doesn't really matter. Because with N and the boys, I really have everything I need.

...but I still hope there will be cake.

So, help me to celebrate my birthday this year. Tell me your best birthdays, best gift, best thing you've done. Best cake. Worst birthday, the forgotten birthdays, the crappiest gift. Most embarassing birthday. Spill. I want to hear it all!


  1. Lovely post.
    I just adore your boys hair - it is awesome :D
    Have a great day - wishing you much love & happiness :D

  2. Happy happy birthday!xxx

  3. What a fabulous post. Happy birthday.

  4. Such a sweet post, Clover!

    Happy birthday! ;) x

  5. Happy birthday! And what a great birth story.

    My mom calls me every year if I'm away at school or just down the street and tells me the story of how I tortured her for 21 hours before they finally did a c-section. lol

    This year will probably be the best birthday for me because I have a son of my own to share it with.

  6. I don't have any particularly good birthday stories - the only one would be when I dumped my birthday cake in the sink whilst trying to get it out of the pan...then picked the biggest chunks up, put them back in the pan, and slapped a bunch of icing on top. :)

    Have a happy birthday!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! What an adorable picture of little you!

    Worst birthday for me was my 21st: I was away from my friends and family at home; the birthday happened on a busy exam-filled Monday so none of my England friends did anything for it; I was a month out from a devastating break-up; and I basically sat in my room and cried all day. THE END. Stupid May birthdays.

  8. Happy Birthday! Well as you know my birthday is in the summer as well.. add on having to share the birthday with Rachel made it even worse.. As kids we would each get half a cake.. I think my worst birthday was the summer after we moved to Oregon and I was allowed to take 2 people to the movies with me, and no one showed up..

  9. Ooh, sorry I'm a bit late but I hope you had a fantastic day! What a wonderful post. Happy birthday!

  10. I hope you had a lovely birthday, with cake!

    I'd really have a hard time picking a best birthday. When I was in high school a friend of mine promised me a limo ride for my 30th. Fast forward in time, and on my 30th he lived in Florida while I lived here in South Dakota. He got in touch with Mike and between the two they set up a limo ride and a fancy dinner. That was awfully nice. Would have been better had I not been 8 weeks out from the Pirate's birth and could have lived it up a bit, but it was memorable.

  11. I just wanted to quickly say a belated happy b-day! Hope you had a lovely day :)

  12. HAPPY HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! Sorry I missed this post, but I hope you had a great day! You're one of the few people who don't mind saying their age. Shows just how much love you have in your life - you're truly blessed! Your boys are just so adorable, and your love for them lifts my heart. Stay as beautiful as always love!

  13. Happy birthday (belatedly!)! It's a day to celebrate being you, for sure!

    One of my strangest birthday memories is that my officemates gave me an Over The Hill birthday party on my 30th, complete with black balloons, black streamers, and buzzard-themed decorations. WHAT??? I didn't feel old at all, but I had to play along.


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