Friday, January 07, 2011

Do you collect book swag?

This post is long overdue. Absolutely ages ago, I got a very kind offer from Kirsty of the Overflowing Library to send me some signed bookmarks, and later these pretty new Harry Potter bookmarks. After that, Lynsey from Narratively Speaking and UK Book Tours sent some swag that she'd been collecting. And THEN I won a giveaway of signed bookmarks from Sammee at I Want To Read That. And only then, because I am incredibly slow, did it occur to me.

That, yes, I do collect book swag. And very excitedly, it seems. Which does seem slightly strange, because if I were to use anything for a bookmark these days, it would usually be an old reciept. Sometimes a train ticket or a torn piece of envelope. Nothing of much significance, because I'm bound to lose it. I can't even recall the number of times I've put my book down and searched everywhere around me only to find that my bookmark has magically disappeared. And I find them everywhere in the house. N picked up an old postcard in the dining room the other day and asks 'what's with this?' and I was all 'aha! that's where my bookmark went!'

Marking the page of the book I'm reading currently (My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares) is one of those free bookmarks that's left on the counter at the library of Horton Hears A Who.

Anyway, that's my little ramble about bookmarks and swag. What do you use as a bookmark? Have any really pretty ones? And thank you to Kirsty, Lynsey and Sammee :)


  1. Oddly enough, just yesterday I was thinking about bookmarks and wondering what all my blogging friends use. Really, I was! So thank you for this post. :)
    I mostly use bookmarks that my kids have made for me. Like you said, these often disappear, but I can usually track them down - to the kids' rooms! Then I take them back and the process begins again...

    If I ever get any spare book swag I'm sending it straight to you!

  2. I love collecting swag too!! Vicki bought me a beautiful bookmark for Christmas which hangs over the spine of a book and is silver with red tassles!

  3. This concept of book swag is a new one to me, how very cool. I use a postcard as my bookmark - I saw an exhibition of black and white photos of actors preparing to go on stage, there was one of Daniel Craig and I loved it so I bought the postcard of it and have used it as my bookmark ever since.

  4. I currently use any odd thing around the house as whatever I use normally gets put down somewhere and goes missing, currently it's old business cards lol.

  5. I got two lovely book marks for Christmas. One from hubby which was silver with beads hanging off it spelling my name. He had it made especially for me. The other one was made for me by my daughters, it was beautiful and they made it all by themselves.

  6. I am quite jealous of Vivienee's and Lyndsey's bookmarks :D
    I love havving gorgoeous bookmarks - the girlies keeping trying to pinch them.
    You also had a very nice butterfly one for Christmas I think ;D

  7. I have an awesome collection of bookmarks ;). It seems every year I get some, either for my birthday or other occasions. I do love them, and any sort of book swag really.

  8. Luisa - What a coincidence! You know, for awhile, I was using the cute little business card that you included in one of the books you sent me. It's adorable and just the right size. I misplaced it for awhile, but it's turned up again! I love the idea of using bookmarks that the kids have given you, how sweet!

    Lyndsey - That book sounds LOVELY. I probably would never use it for fear of losing it!!

    Jenni - It didn't really occur to me until recently as well. You know the other bookish thing I've just started collecting? Badges. Bookish ones. Now I'm looking for a sturdy and plain tote bag to put them on.

    But ooh, Daniel Craig postcard, I can see the appeal of that! :)

    Jesse - Old business cards, as long as they aren't too thick, are perfect for bookmarks! Much better than reciepts, which are too thin.

    Vivienne - The bookmark spells your name? AWW. And I'm totally putting my kids on bookmark-making duty! How did I not think of this before?

    Emma - YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And I adore that bookmark because it is so pretty and has BUTTERFLIES.

    Liz - People used to get me nice bookmarks for birthdays and things, but my fear of losing these things is extreme..

  9. @Jenni, may I ask you a question about that Daniel Craig picture? I know it was taken by Simon Annand and some captions about that pic say it was taken in 1999 and some say it was taken in 2002 when Daniel was playing "A number" in the Royal Court Theater. Do you know the exact date when this pic was taken?

  10. Oh I love, love collecting book swag and especially have a weakness for pretty bookmarks :D My collection so far is rather small, but it's one that is still in the making and one that I hope will grow soon :D

  11. i love my swag (thank you for the claire de lune stuff)but it is rare I use them whilst reading - I tend to pop them inside my books after I have read them because I lose bookmarks really easily

  12. Dunda - I hope you find the information you're looking for! Sorry I can't be of any help.

    Tammy - ooh, good luck on your collection :) I love collecting things and I'm sure I've had lovely bookmarks in the past, I've just never intentionally collected them until now!

    Kirsty - Tell me about it. I lose bookmarks incredibly easily :( Maybe I should get a really pretty box or something to put all my book swag in?

  13. I do the same thing! I'm surprised I have been able to keep the same bookmark for some time now.. Its all torn and tattered, but I still have it! I have a fancy one in she shape of a dragonfly, but I'm scared to use it.. I also have a bookmark from Rome that a co-worker brought back for me. I would love to collect bookmarks from all over..

  14. Becca - that sounds like an excellent idea, collecting bookmarks from all over! Lovely idea.


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