Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Post: Julie Kagawa on the loyalty of Puck

Julie Kagawa is the author of The Iron King, which I reviewed (and loved!) earlier in the month here. It is a thrill to have her on my blog today discussing one of my favourite characters from the book!

So far there are three books in the Iron Fey series, The Iron King, The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen, as well as a free novella available on Julie's website.

Over to Julie...

Loyalty. A simple word, but a trait as complex as the wyldwood and world of Faery featured in my debut novel, The Iron King. And no character embodies loyalty as much as one character, Summer Court faery Puck.

Yes, that Puck!

Aka Robin Goodfellow, the great prankster, court jester of Arcadia and servant to the powerful Summer king, Oberon. In The Iron King, Oberon assigned Puck to watch over his secret daughter, half faery princess Meghan Chase. As Meghan grew up, Puck became her best friend, defender and finally becomes her guide as she enters the dangerous world of the faeries, the Nevernever. At great risk to himself, Puck accompanies Meghan on her quest to rescue her little brother from a threat that Faery has never seen before—a new kind of faery, poisonous to the traditional faery world, the Iron fey. And his loyalties are tested as never before.

As a Summer faery, Puck owes his loyalty to his king and court. Disobeying King Oberon will put him at risk of banishment. But leaving Meghan vulnerable to the whims of the capricious and dangerous Summer Court fey is something he won’t do. Still—what’s a guy to do when his loyalties are pulled in two different directions?

Well, one thing you can be sure of with Puck—it won’t be pretty, and often the results will be hilarious! Puck’s loyalty to his court is strong, but his commitment to Meghan offers a new dimension to his existence—and that’s something no fey can resist.

I hope you enjoy The Iron King!

Thank you Julie for a lovely guest post! I'm very much looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the Iron Fey series! To find more about Julie Kagawa and her books in the following places:

Julie's website
The Iron Fey website
MiraInk's website

Julie Kagawa on Twitter


  1. I loved reading all the dynamics of Puck in the books, and I think his loyalty is something that really comes across...which did end up getting him in trouble some times. Gotta love puck! :)

    Great post!

  2. Aww, I love Puck! His loyalty to Meghan is amazing.

  3. It just makes me want to read it more!!!


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