Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High school crushes

I didn't have a boyfriend in high school. I was never asked out on a date, there was never a time at all where it was even concievable that I would have a date or a boyfriend. In fact, the one time I was asked out, was incredibly embarassing.

I'd sort of half-liked this boy for awhile, and he came running up to me one day while I'm standing at my locker. He's really excited and he says 'Michelle! Michelle! Will you go out with ...' and in that miniscule pause I get my hopes all up! This is an actual boy! Who might like ME! And is about to ask me out, until, he continues with ' friend George*' And I look behind him and there's George with a very unhappy and uncomfortable look on his face. I hadn't spoken to George more than a few times before this and didn't really know him. I said 'no' in the gentlest way I could think of, and the boy just ran off to the next girl he knew. 'Sarah! Sarah! Will you go out with George?' And there I was standing there, completely bereft.

But, like any hormonal teenager, I did have a long, long list of crushes. I thought it'd be fun to share a few with you today.

Joshua Jackson - It's been well-documented before this post, that I've had an all-consuming, raving crush on Joshua Jackson since I was very little. I thought he was ADORABLE in the Mighty Ducks films, then I crushed on him during his Dawson's Creek days, and now that he's all grown-up and starring in Fringe, my heart still goes pitter-pat.

Jack Jetson* - Jack Jetson was my biggest high school crush. He had gorgeous blue eyes and he was very sporty. He left briefly during high school (my heart = broken) and then came back (*SQUEE*). He was vaguely friends with my brother and once, ONCE he was even in my house. Despite being beautiful and popular and charming, he was also very, very nice. Once, after a shared class (and on Valentine's Day!) we sat and chatted for a little while. He asked me questions and actually listened to my answers. I felt like a blimp in high school, always felt very plain and uninteresting, so for me, this brief, BRIEF interaction with my crush to end all crushes was a pretty big deal for me.

Leonardo DiCaprio - So, in high school? I was also the biggest dork in the world. I had a rather large crush on Leonardo diCaprio, after seeing him in both Romeo and Juliet and Titanic. Embarassingly, I came to be known as a Titanic (the film) fanatic and I'd create these dorky quizzes to test how well the other girls in class remembered the film. I collected film photos and clips and had most of the movie memorised. I cringe now to think of it, actually. I didn't even glean that much historical information about the Titanic either.

My Spanish teacher - This crush is also embarassing. But it wasn't a physical crush. You can't really describe my Spanish teacher as anything but jolly and round. With a different hair and beard colour, he could easily have passed for Santa Claus. Which is not usually crush material. But he was funny and interesting to speak to and he seemed to actually notice me, which was disconcerting at the time.

Enrique Iglesias - Remember the part where I said I was a huge dork? This crush is part 2 of the Dorky-Michelle-in-high-school phase. It actually started in 8th grade, when I went over to a friend's house. She wanted me to watch the first part to a really cheesy Spanish soap opera because this hot guy sang in the credits. Enrique Iglesias! He's so mainsteam now, but back then he was still only singing in Spanish. I bought his albums and I tried so hard to learn extra vocabulary in Spanish class to translate his lyrics. No mocking, please! :)

Johann*, the German exchange student - This is probably my shortest crush, as Johann was a German exchange student and didn't stay for long. I spent a lot of my high school career in the computer labs (is that surprising to you? HA!), and one day, a friend of my brother's came up to me to say hello. He had in tow, Johann. Johann had such a beautiful face and he was wearing this tight t-shirt that showed off his pecs. His accent was a bit funny and he stumbled over quite a few English words and phrases, but he made me laugh SO MUCH. Somehow I let him convince me to type up this essay he'd written. He was impressed with my quick typing skills and I kept staring at his hands. After that day, I only saw him once or twice in the hallways and then he was gone from my life for good.

Another Jack* - There were about a billion Jacks in my graduating class, but aside from Jack Jetson, this was my longest-standing crush in high school. Especially during our freshman year in high school, we shared a great number of classes. All the classes in the morning until lunchtime, followed by a math class (where he sat in front of me) and later a science class (where we didn't sit anywhere near each other). He was yummy. Very unsure of himself and slightly awkward but still quite good-looking. And how much did he make me laugh. At first, it started out as me silently laughing at the banter between him and the girl I sat next to in math class. Then it was the three of us laughing together. And then it was just me and him laughing before and after class started. I was very aware of him, but he was mildly popular and I was not. I remember once, this obnoxious kid asked Jack 'WHO are you talking TO?!' and Jack said 'Michelle' like it was obvious (which it was!) and Other-Kid made noises like I was invisible and should be treated as such.

*names have been changed in order to not be hugely embarassed by the handful of high school friends that may or may not read this blog!

So you can sort of see from this horribly embarassing list of unattainable crushes in high school, why and how come I'd turn to books and literature in order to be romantically-fulfilled!

Care to share any of your own embarassing (or not!) high school crushes with us?


  1. Awww, what a cute post! I was definitely a late starter in life. Preferred books to boys!

  2. Wow, the pain of high school crushes returns! I love Joshua Jackson as well.

    It turns out that it gets even worse at uni...

  3. Ahh High school crushes.. I know Teresa and I shared a crush on a certian senior wrestler.. Once I moved schools, there was slim picking on cute boy's. Well slim pickings on boy's at all really, but my heart did go out to a senior boy who was kind and caring and noticed me, but not in the way I wanted him to notice me..

  4. I was too old to have a crush on Leonardo di Caprio when he was in Rome & Juliet and I hated Titanic. But now he's all grown up and in movies I like, he makes me go all gooey in the tummy.

  5. I, too, have a celebrity crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Since Romeo & Juliet in 1996.

  6. Yes, some of your high school friends do read this. And the whole time I was thinking "I wonder who she is talking about..." HAHA

  7. Viv - a 'late starter' that's a perfect way to describe me as well. Though, strangely as soon as I left high school I felt less insecure and invisble and had more success!

    Sophie - Oh no, uni is *worse*? How is that possible? I wish you the very best of luck navigating uni relationships :(

    Becca - I'm going to send you an email. You heard about what happened to the senior wrestler, right? :( :(

    Stella - HA, yes, he has aged well, hasn't he? :)

    Charley - How very precise of you! :) Glad to know I wasn't alone!

    Brynn - AHHHH! How embarassing! SO glad I changed everyone's names.

  8. No I didn't hear about what happened.. After I left Churchill I wasn't as clued into what was happening there..

  9. lol great list. I think everyone had a crush on Leonardo Dicarprio in Titanic. x

  10. Mflick1 - Thank you :)

    Becca - I emailed you!

    Susan - There was a group of friends in HS who were very anti-Leo in Titanic actually. Of course there was.


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