Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dress like a pirate

You may have noticed my absence from the blog this week? I really felt like I needed to take a break, catch up and sort myself out mentally and physically.

I'd hoped to get write reviews and organise some Awesome Women interviews, but sadly, both boys are sick with stomach bug :( I managed to do absolutely nothing blog-wise this week, but it doesn't matter, really. It was nice to pick up books I want to read rather than a book I think I should read. I liked having more free-time. Despite being ill, the boys and I were able to have some fun, dress like pirates and play in the garden.

But, now I'm ready to return! Refreshed and excited to share some great reviews and other bookish related fun. Hurrah.


  1. Sorry to hear the boys have been poorly. But you have been missedx

  2. Sorry to hear you're boys have been ill mine have been the same. Hope they're feeling better. Love the pirate pic hugs x

  3. I'm sorry to hear your boys have been poorly, I hope they're feeling better now :)

  4. Aw, what a gorgeous pic! And lovely post. I really hope your boys are all better and I'm very glad you're back!

  5. Poor boys! But fun that they got to do pirate costumes. :p When my sisters and I had chicken pox on Halloween, we nevertheless dressed up in our costumes and had fun. Then people brought us candy.

  6. Hope everyone is feeling better! Cute pirate costume!!

  7. Awww Ive said it before but Michelle your kids are such cuties!! :D

    I hope they are feeling better now! x

  8. Viv - The boys are on the mend thankfully! And thank you, I've missed blogging actually.

    Susan - They are definitely on their way to being better, thank you. Hope yours are better as well :)

    Jesse - They're headed in that direction, finally! Thanks :)

    Luisa - Thank you. They're starting to feel better at least and I'm excited to be back! :)

    Jenny - It was 'dress like a pirate day' at The Boy's school. He missed it :(

    Becca - Thank you, we're getting there :)

    Raimy - Thank you, I always love hearing compliments about my boys :) That will never get old. They are on the mend..

  9. I hope everyone is better now Michelle :) Ilove the photo, very sweet!! Bless! xx


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