Friday, June 03, 2011

Where blogging takes place

I've seen other blogs do this, show photos of where most of their blogging takes place and I thought it looked like fun. So, without further ado, here is a photo where all the magic from Fluttering Butterflies happens:

I tried to make the photo as realistic as possible, without too much tidying! Most of my blogging is done at our main computer. I do have a laptop that was bought thinking that I would use it more frequently, but I find that I need a proper place to spread out and that works better here. The computer is found in our spare room upstairs. There isn't much else in this room, a large futon sofa on the opposite wall, my reading chair in another corner. And lots and lots of Eeyores.

I admit, I quite like spending a lot of time staring at my wall of donkeys :) They really make me happy. There are also donkeys overflowing off of the windowsill in this room and piled on top of each other on two shelves on another wall! It's a collection that always brings a smile to my face. There is a window just to the left of the computer desk. The view from the window looks out onto our back garden.

And the piles of books! I'm not quite sure how N can stand coming into this room. The piles of books that you can see in the photo on top of the printer is only the beginning. Those two piles are books that have recently been delivered to the house as well as some of the books that I've recently read and have left near the computer in order to transfer some of my notes on them onto blogger drafts. There's also a pile of books near the window of books that I'd like to read next or would like to read a Friday Discussion post about. (currently that pile is of folktakes, legends and fairy tales from around the world!) On the sofa, there is usually other piles of books - my university textbooks, other pads of paper, books that I need to post out. There's always bookmarks and scraps of paper littered around.

And you may have noticed the Mtn Dew and the pack of Starburst. I'm very much a snacker when it comes to sitting here and blogging, I can't do it without some sort of munchies and a drink. I should really look into healthier options than these two, I'm sure. But there you have it.

And finally, you can see the most important book, in terms of blogging anyway, in the photo. It's my blogging notebook and it is almost always found near the computer. I couldn't live without that thing, it is absolutely indispensable. In it, I write all of my blogging ideas. I have lists there of personal posts that will show up on Wednesdays, I have lists of Discussion Friday posts and Awesome Women post ideas. I scribble To-Do lists in there and have blogging calendars up until October planned out and outlined. I'd really be lost without it :)

And that's it! I'd love to see or hear what your blogging space looks like?


  1. I blog at the kitchen table, when I have a chance. I like being able to spread out when I need to do so.

  2. Jenni - They've completely taken over two rooms in my house :) (Which I love!)

    Lisa - Yeah, I wish I had a bit more space around me to spread out, but I make do with what I can :)

  3. I love your eeyore collection! I've always loved eeyore but I have to confess tigger is my favourite :o)

    I do all my blogging in the front room using my laptop sitting on the sofa. I'm not at all organised but think it would probably encourage me if I went somewhere else to blog and wasn't able to get distracted so easily!

  4. I love your Eeyore collection! In fact, I love Eeyore!

    I know this is weird, but I can't STAND having anything on the computer table while I'm using it, unless it's my own food or drink. Great post!

  5. wow thats an impressive collection of eeyores! :D

  6. Aww I love the Eeyores! I have had a few pairs of Eeyore slippers, and have an Eeyore hot water bottle cover.

    My desk is far, far too messy to be photographed directly! You can see it behind me though in the first four pictures in my sister's flickr photostream:

  7. Sarah - Tigger?! I won't hold that against you! :) Oh definitely, I think it's important to have dedicated space..

    Cliona - *high fives* Eeyore IS great. And I don't think that's weird. I don't like things around me either, I feel almost claustrophobic sometimes when other junk is around me when I'm trying to write!

    Raimy - You haven't even seen the half of it! :)

    Julianne - Yay for Eeyore. Will check out those photos..

  8. That is a lot of Eeyores! Your blogging place looks very relaxed, I love it.

  9. THanks Melissa, I love it too. And I do feel very relaxed here, it makes it easier to write up a storm :)


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