Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghost films (Paranormal month)

I think I'm only reading one book this month about ghosts, but it's Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready and it's one of my favourite paranormal books at the moment. I think Jeri Smith-Ready has done a fantastic job giving ghosts a new mythology and creating a world in which ghosts are visible to a certain group of people and not other and they have a whole new set of rules and restrictions, some of which are still unknown and being newly discovered. It's a great series and I'm very excited about it.

So in that vein, I thought I would talk a little bit about ghosts today.

- Somewhat randomly, we watched Ghostbusters the other day with the boys. I'm not entirely sure how they liked it, as I was so exhausted from a cold and being up late the night before that I fell asleep part of the way through it. But it's such a classic film from my childhood that I was getting warm-fuzzies just hearing the theme music and seeing New York. So even though I fell asleep before seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and I can't quite recall how the film ends, Ghostbusters is still one of my favourite films. It's just very, very funny. And I'd much prefer all of my ghostly encounters to be funny, wouldn't you?

- Don't laugh! Casper is another one of my favourite ever films! When I was younger, I would watch Casper every single time it was on television! It's the perfect film to watch at Halloween and I really just can't get enough of it. Casper is just adorable, and I love his awkwardness around Christina Ricci. I love the other crazy ghosts and their interactions with Bill Pullman - so it's a really wonderful mix of sweet and funny. Another winner in my book.

- Because then there's this film. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Poltergeist in well over 15 years however, because I seriously remember it as being the SCARIEST FILM I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Without any exaggeration there. Sometimes just the thought of this film will send a shiver up my spine. Perhaps I should really watch it again, just to see if it really IS that scary or if it's just my memory blowing things out of proportion? Me? I think it's the former. *shudder*

- OK enough of the scary stuff. Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore is really the level of creepy ghostiness that I can handle. Which basically means I can handle very little actual scariness. Feel free to leave recommendations (for other people, of course!) of actual movies containing ghosts that are not cheesily romantic...

The Sixth Sense
- I saw The Sixth Sense at the cinema when it first came out and I still think it's a really cleverly done film. I really love everything about it, from the acting to the unfolding of the big twist. It's a great film, one that's subtly quite creepy and atmospheric.

So that's my wimp's list of ghostly films. As I said, feel free to share actual *scary* ghost films in the comments, if you like...


  1. I really need to rewatch Ghostbusters, I've visited the fire house it features twice (the first time I went to New York me and my brother devoted half a day to finding it) yet I can barely remember the film.

    I love that you included Caspar, I loved it too though just thinking about it makes me feel a little emotional.

  2. Suey mentioned The Others and I would recommend that one too! I loved The Sixth Sense and Ghost. Classic films.

  3. I've never heard of Poltergeist before but it sounds AWESOME! Even though I practically DIE whenever I watch scary movies! :)

    I loved Ghost! One of my fave films! And although I liked Casper, the three ghosts kind of scared me...

  4. Think my vote would be for either The Others or Sixth Sense. Even my Teen admits to the Others being scary!

  5. Don't worry, by November the 1st we'll watch Halloween (a random one of my choosing), possibly Cabin Fever (but only because I recently watched Wrong Turn and the Blair Witch Project), one of those creepy looking films on the SKY box and of course, your favourite...



  6. Oh.. and an M Night Shyamalan film... most likely The Sixth Sense..

    and how about The Eye! Been quite a while since I watched that.

  7. and Paranormal Activity.

  8. Suey - I'm not really sure if I've seen The Others? Is that the one with Nicole Kidman?

    Jenni - You went to see the firehouse? That's awesome! When I went to New York, it didn't even occur to me to find places that have been in movies, I don't know why. I love, love, loved Casper growing up!

    Susan - Thanks :)

    Vivienne - They are pretty great, I think I'll have to watch Ghost again sometime!

    Cliona - Oh, Cliona! Poltergeist is SCARY. I'm not very good at all with scary.

    Maryom - Lots of votes for The Others! Eep.

    N - Ah, but none of the films you mentioned are GHOST films. ...Aside from Poltergeist. I'm doing a scary film post next week. (Thanks for commenting! Three times!)

  9. Crikey, there's nothing that'll make you feel old like someone saying, "I've never heard of...." and then reference a classic from your teens! ;-)

    When I was a teenager and vcrs were new and shiny, renting Poltergeist and all the other scary movies was very popular. I remember thinking at the time that Poltergeist wasn't that scary. However, I saw it again in the past ten years or so and it scared the life out of me. That bit where the mum is watching the chair slide across the the floor and the bit where the chairs are all stacked up on the table the most. Just thinking about them in the dark, when you have to get up and go to the loo in the middle of the night creeps me out.

    Ghostbusters is one of the best films, ever!


  10. Oh yes, The others is brill. So is The Orphanage (but very sad) and Orphan (not supernatural but scary and silly.)

  11. Stella - YES! That comment made ME feel old as well. I think I'll have to watch Poltergeist before Halloween this year. Maybe. If I can psych myself for it. Totally agree about Ghostbusters. I think N may have seen The Orphanage (or was it Orphan?) and he tried explaining it once.. *shudders* not for wimpy me!

  12. Okay in terms of scaring me half to death it's a toss up between the shinning and stigmata
    I'm going to pretend you didn't mention Poltegist because it's jus going to make me hide under a pillow.

    One I liked and didn't have nightmares - Ghost :-) oh and the Frighteners, pure fun in the same way ghostbusters is

  13. Shadowfalcon - The Frighteners? I don't think I've even HEARD of that one! But I do like the sound of it being FUN.


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