Saturday, January 21, 2012

REVIEW: To Be A Cat by Matt Haig

Guest review by Kulsuma from sunshine and stardust

I was so excited to read To Be A Cat by Matt Haig and fortunately, it lived up to all my expectations. To Be A Cat ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a book that’s funny, action-packed and full of furry animals. The story takes place over a couple of days and features rapid chase scenes, amazing transformations and life-changing epiphanies. What more can one ask for? To Be A Cat was a really fantastic story; I finished it in one sitting.

Barney’s life is not going well. He’s being bullied by a horrible boy called Gavin Needle. Mrs Whipmire, the mean head teacher is constantly picking on him for things he didn’t even do and there’s been no sign of his dad for months. On top of all that, his mum’s always rushed off her feet. All this leads Barney to wish for an easier life- like a cat’s. Soon, Barney gets his wish, but will he live to regret it?

Though this story takes place over a couple of days, Barney learns a lot about himself in that short time. He learns so many important life lessons such as to be careful for what you wish for. Barney quickly realises that to be a cat isn’t as great as he’d thought it would be- certainly not with Mrs Whipmire and Gavin Needle on his tail!

This book was really suspenseful. People aren’t who you think they are.

To Be A Cat by Matt Haig had loads of great twists and turns. Children will love this book because it is full of humour, action and interesting interludes from the author. I was laughing throughout the story and I believe everyone will enjoy it immensely. I wholly recommend To Be A Cat. You must read it to find out if cats really do have nine lives.

Fun review, thank you Kulsuma!


  1. This sounds great, I really want to read this one, will have to see if i can get hold of it soon!

  2. I've got a copy of this but tbh not sure it's my thing. I'm more tempted after reading your review though.


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