Friday, November 02, 2012

My favourite things ... about Fall/Winter

Hot chocolate

You may know this about me already, but I don't drink tea or coffee.  I just don't get it.  I wasn't raised drinking hot drinks, so it just isn't familar to me.  The only hot drink I will tolerate is hot chocolate and only on a really cold fall or winter night.  I like my hot chocolate to be quite milky with those little mini-marshmallows on top.  Yummy.

Fall colours

I really earthy tones, the red and browns and oranges.  I go on the school run every morning and early afternoon.  If it isn't too muddy, we'll take this route down a pathway through a bit of forest. And I love when the leaves turn bright colours and when the chestnuts start falling off the trees.  It's quite pretty.  (I know the photo doesn't SHOW the fall colours, but I still love it.  It's one of N's photos, from his photography blog)


I didn't realise that until quite late in life, but I feel more comfortable in long-sleeve jumpers.  Long sleeves in general just make me feel better, but I also just love wooly jumpers to bundle up in and to keep me warm as things get colder.  I much prefer the colder seasons to summer.  I feel like when it's cold out there is so much that can be done - turn the heating on, grab a jumper, or a blanket or a hot chocolate.  When it's hot outside, there isn't much to do other than complain :)


Excuse the bit of promotion here, but my best friend from America and her mom have set up their own Etsy store (Tiny Bits of Craft) selling the cutest knitted scarves.  I love a good scarf, especially one in a nice bright colour, with some length and a fringe.  I think Diane (and her mom!) have done an excellent job with their beautiful scarves.  And if one of YOUR favourite things about fall/winter is a hand-knitted scarf, maybe you could have a look.

Curling up in bed or curled up in a blanket reading a good book

I like curling up with a good book anytime of the year, but I think I like it more when it gets darker earlier.  It gives it that bit more atmosphere, doesn't it?  It's comforting, being wrapped up on a cold evening and settling into a good story.  I've decided that what I want to do during these colder months is to tackle my pile of fantasy YA.  I like the idea of reading something a bit magical right now.

Less daylight, but more time

There's less sun in the sky already, but it appears that I will have more time on my hands in the upcoming months.  I've finished my 4th year of my university degree in early October and I have a long break before my next year's course starts, so that's always nice.  Soon, Legoland will close and N and the boys and I will stop going out every weekend.  Last year we ended up taking on some projects in the house, doing some arts and crafts with the boys.  And this year I have one or two ideas about crafts of my own that I'm really looking forward to starting.  Hopefully I'll share these with you soon. 

These are some of my favourite things, what are yours?


  1. Hi friend! Thanks for the scarf spotlight! :) I SO LOVED spending time with all of you guys--I was just thinking about it again this morning! Love you all! And I thank God that you came to my school in 8th grade! <3

    And I'd have to add to the "favorite things list" that I love seeing:
    * the snow fall on the ground and seeing how it beautifully blankets the trees!
    * having a fire in the fireplace (while reading that book, curled up in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate) adds to the coziness of the season :)

    1. I loved spending time with you too, Diane :)

      Snow falling should definitely be on my list. And while we don't use our fireplace, the idea of a fire sounds lovely too!

  2. Oh I love the winter months too, there's nothing more great than coming back home from a long day at work and curling up with a good book! I love this post Clover! :)

  3. Love this post! I've been drinking a lot of hot chocolate and marshmallows. I'm also a big fan of jumpers and blankets!

  4. Autumn is my favourite season - it one of the things I missed most about the UK when we were away - I think it's the anticipation that things are changing. I'm with you on everything, apart from your lack of tea and coffee drinking - I can't get through the day without at least 2 mugs of each!

    1. While I think I prefer spring for the changes, I do quite love fall and winter. It's nice to have a bit of time to regroup.


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