Thursday, November 01, 2012

WWYD? Writing down Life Goals

What Would You Do? is a semi-regular feature in which a question will be posed based on a character or story line in a book I've recently read.  I'd love if you would take part and share in comments just what YOU would do in a similar situation! 

I really like Susane Colasanti.  I like her happy-making, gentle, romantic stories.  I'm always excited to read a new story by her.  And while So Much Closer isn't one of my favourites by her, I still enjoyed reading it.  The premise of the book (teen girl uproots her entire life to move to another city to follow her crush, a boy she doesn't know very well) sounds very similar to one of my favourite television programmes (Felicity!).  So I wasn't entirely sure when I started So Much Closer if that similarity would help or hinder my enjoyment of the book.

Even so, this post is not about those things.  This post is about something the main character does which I found to be quite interesting.  I've seen it done other places and I've always wanted to try it.  This thing Brooke does is that she writes down her wishes and goals and puts those wishes into a box to keep track of.  I like that idea.  To first put into actual words your heart's desire, to write them down so that they're out there and that they are real is something I'm drawn to.

For a lot of my life, I've been too afraid to even acknowledge that I have wishes and goals.  Isn't that sad?  Those little wishes, like 'I really want X for my birthday' when I was little or the 'I wish (my biggest current crush) would notice me' wishes in high school - none, or at least few, were voiced.  It's only later, looking back on things can I admit to myself that I really wanted this or that.  I was too afraid to go after what I wanted for a very long time and sometimes even now, it feels a little bit wrong to want things.

But here, now, if I were to write down something to add to my Life Wishlist Box (I'm sure Brooke calls it something better than this, but I don't have the book to hand), this is what might be included.

1.  I would love to finish my Psychology degree in the next two years with a 2.1 or 1st.  (*phew* This is hard.)

2. In the new year, I'd like to open my own Etsy shop. (Honestly, this is difficult for me!)

3. Next month, in November, I would like to complete NaNoWriMo and finally write that story that I've been stewing over for the past two years or so. (I'm shaking a little writing this)

4. I would ultimately like a career as a child and adolescent psychotherapist who councils and supports young people. (Can you believe I'm close to tears here)

5. In the meantime, while I'm waiting for my dream job (above) I would like to volunteer locally.  I'd like to make a difference in my local community by mentoring young people, or volunteering at the Samaritans, or with teens/adults suffering with mental health or bereavment, divorce, addiction etc.  (This is getting easier)

6. I'd like to start taking a martial arts class like I've been talking about doing for more than a decade. (I want to be kick-ass)

7. I'd like to take the boys to Alaska to show them where I spent my early childhood.  I'd like them to know that they are both part-Tlingit and I'd like them to know what that means.  I'd also like to see my mother again and to I don't know ... (this is the hardest wish to write down. And I can't even finish it.)

I'm not talking about the travelling I want to do (Alaska aside).  I'm talking about the goals and wishes personal to you, the ones buried inside your heart.  What are your life goals?


  1. Great post! I am not the best at suceeding my goals, but my main life goal is publishing a book. A lot of people my age with as much passion as me have finished novels and I have barely written a chapter... so it is quite hard for me. Running your own Etsy shop sounds cool, and I would love to be a psychotherapist. As for the martial arts class - I do karate and it is so much fun, I strongly recommend it! :)

    1. Oh good luck with your goals Zoe! I'm sure with some hard work and a little dedication you'll get there too!

  2. Yay for etsy and everything else! :)

  3. I just wanted to say that I seriously love your blog, you always write such lovely, personal posts that I really enjoy reading. I also think it's brave how you can put your personal experiences and goals out there on your blog, as that's something I don't know if I could do. I always look forward to reading your posts when I see them pop up on my reading list, and I just wanted to thank you, really, for your blog. :)

    1. What an amazing comment, Maya. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me :)


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