Sunday, December 23, 2012

World championship athlete (Book of Questions)

I picked up this book when I was 16 and I've used it as an ice-breaker for every major phase in my life from getting to know my new co-workers, getting to know new friends and even my (at the time!) soon-to-be husband.  Now, let US get to know each other! Are you ready?

Question 8: Would you rather be a member of a world championship sports team or the champion of an individual sport? Which sport would you choose?

Sports! One of my favourite subjects. I'm so glad this question came up :)

From when I was much younger to now, I've always struggled with this question.  When I was younger, I've written about it before, I played many different sports.  At different times in my life, I've been on a swimming team, basketball teams, softball teams, soccer teams and a track team.  I can't say that I was very good at any of them, but I always did have different fantasies that I was. 

I grew up hearing the stories of my father's success within competitive swimming.  At one time his mom had an entire double garage filled with his trophies and medals.  He was going to try out for the US Olympic team at one point in which everyone was fairly certain that he would make it.  Unfortunately he had an accident which left him unable to do so, but the promise of that was enough to inspire me a generation later.  I had dreams in my head that I too would make for an excellent competitive swimmer.  My dad's favoured stroke was the butterfly, but mine was breaststroke.  The first year I joined the local swimming team, I made it to the state championships.  It was a good feeling. 

Later, when I became quite into soccer and at the same time US women's football was becoming more well-known, Mia Hamm became my hero.  I began daydreaming about being a professional women's soccer player.  My coaches all said good things about my playing and they said I made for an excellent defensive player. 

The thing is, these daydreams were fantastic and they made me happy growing up.  Only, I never truly believed that I could do either.  That confidence in myself and my abilities was never there.  I never really thought at any time that if I worked really hard that either dream would come true. And I find that very sad looking back on it now.  Of course these things could have happened if I'd really wanted them and worked at it enough I see that now.  I just wish that I had then. 

How about you?  Would you like to be a world championship athlete? 

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