Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falling in love...

I know that for the past two years, I've held my Love month event on the blog.  It was wonderful how much support and enthusiasm my lovely blog readers gave during those two years.  This year, I just couldn't summon up the energy to organise and write so many blog posts and reviews.  So I've left it other very capable bloggers to do their own thing and take Love month in their own directions.  I hope that by now you've found them and given them as much as support and encouragement as you've shown me in the past!

But still.  I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass without some mention of love.  It feels like tradition at this point.  And actually, it's something that I've been coming across lately.  I think it began when I read the wonderfully emotional book by one of my favourite authors... Just One Day by Gayle Forman. 

In it, the main character meets this stranger while on a trip abroad and taking a huge risk, she spends the day in Paris with him walking around, talking and falling in love. It's really rather sweet, and there's this thing that Willem says during the course of that day .. that we fall in love all the time. He says it a lot better in the book, but that idea really stuck with me for a long time after I'd finished the book. 

And I think I do fall in love all the time.  You know that feeling you get when you really connect with a person?  It can be platonic or purely fictional or love + attraction or whatever. I just think it happens more often than people think.

And that got me to thinking of falling in love and staying in love.  I keep thinking back to an old friend from high school.  Her parents had divorced when she was younger and her mom had remarried but hadn't been very happy. And I met up with my friend just as she was starting a new relationship with her soon-to-be husband.  And I will never forget how much she bubbled over with happiness telling me about the man she'd fallen in love. She giggled and got that dreamy look in her eyes and whenever I think of her now, I think of her in that moment. When love completely took over for her.  She said to me once that she had no idea that love could be like that. She'd never seen anyone in her life that had found a love that was so strong and important in their lives.  She wanted to know if I felt it too.  She wanted to make sure that I was just as happy and in love as she was.  And she asked me that question almost a decade ago...

And it occurred me to me the other day, after I remembered all of this, that yes. I am that happy and in love.  Maybe not as overtly or obviously, but after more than 12 years of marriage and a lot of ups and downs, I am still very much in love.  And every single time N makes me laugh or does something silly or sweet or thoughtful those feelings flare up again.  It seems it's a daily occurrence, in fact. Is being in love with someone just this constant stream of moments in which we fall in love all over again?

When was the last time you fell in love?


  1. What a lovely post :) I hope I get to have a relationshp like yours and N's where I get to fall in love with them over and over again.

  2. That is really beautiful. And true. With all the crap that can surround you. It's knowing that one person is there for you no matter what. And being able to list on a daily basis why you love him so.

    1. Oh, for sure. And of course these things need to be celebrated more than just once a year :)

  3. Lovely post, that's so sweet :) I frequently fall in love with boys from books ;)

  4. The idea of falling in love with someone over and over again sounds so lovely to me. This was a really special beautiful post :)


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