Monday, August 19, 2013

REVIEW: Undeniable by Liz Bankes

I really loved the previous book by Liz Bankes that I've read, Irresistible. It was really funny with great characters and some sizzling hot scenes. So I was very excited indeed to hear that Liz Bankes was writing another book about the same cast of characters, this time starring Mia's best friend, Gabi. And of course, you don't necessarily need to read Irresistible to understand everything going on in Undeniable, which I enjoyed.

I had really high hopes for another funny and hot book and that is just what I got wth Undeniable!  I loved Gabi and how much she puts herself out there, doing crazy things and telling it straight. I wish I were a bit more fearless and outgoing like Gabi. But things aren't so great with her either as she's dealing with a pretty crappy break-up.

So it's kind of perfect that in Undeniable Gabi gets to run off to London for her awesome summer job interning with her favourite soap and hanging about with hot actors ... even if she is just bringing them their coffees. On set she runs into Spencer who's good-looking and flirty and is a brilliant distraction from everything else.

I really loved this thing between Gabi and Spencer... The tension and chemisty between those two is - I have to say it - undeniable.  It really made me smile to see those two get together.  Even with some of the crazy and awkward situations that Gabi finds herself in.  And of course there were always questions that I wanted answered about Gabi's previous romantic relationships. 

And I wanted to soak up all the details that Liz Bankes threw us about Gabi's job as a runner for a television programme. It all sounded really fascinating with the audtions and scripts and some of the things that Gabi gets involved with to do with the production of it all. I was really interested in it all and it was lovely to see Gabi doing something she really enjoyed too.

The friendships though, the friendships that Gabi has with Mia and the other girls, even with her ex-boyfriend are really what made me love this book as much as I did. Even with Mia travelling abroad, there's still the brilliant connection. And while Gabi doesn't quite appreciate her circle of friends throughout, I still felt like they'd have been there for Gabi no matter what. And a girl always needs some friends to have her back through drunken escapades and to help her navigate through tricky/confusing/exciting new relationships. And everything else! 

This was a fantastic story, a wonderful blend of romance, friendship and humour. I'm certainly looking forward to more stories by Liz Bankes.

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