Sunday, May 04, 2014

#NewToMeMay Week 1 Update

#NewToMeMay is a reading challenge that I'm organising and taking part in during the month of May. The aim is to read as many books by new-to-me authors and to be a little more adventurous in which books I'm picking up. Bonus points go towards books that have been on my shelves for quite awhile. If you are taking part in this, do let me know! 

Week 1 Update

There's only been a few days in May so far, but I've already finished one book and discovered my first new author of the month!

I read How To Fall by Jane Casey, which is the first book in her Jess Tennant murder mystery series and I really, really enjoyed it!  It was sent to me for review absolutely AGES ago and languished on my shelves until now.  Luckily for me, there's already a sequel which was published earlier this year and I'm really excited to read it.

How To Fall tells the story of Jess Tennant and her mother who return to Jess's mom's hometown, Port Sentinel, after 18 years away and Jess becomes really interested in solving the murder of her look-alike cousin.  I'm really interested in learning more about Jess, her mom, and the characters we've been introduced to in Port Sentinel. I'm really interested in more in this series and will definitely be looking to reading the sequel, Bet Your Life, after this challenge has been completed. 

After finishing How To Fall, I've since started If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch. I'm only roughly 50 pages into it at the time of writing this post but it's a book that makes me very excited to return to.  Debbie from Snuggling on the Sofa encouraged me to read it if I was looking for beautiful writing and I think that could not be more true.  Already I feel like I was missing out by waiting so long to read this book. 

Week 1 total: 1 book read = 1 newly discovered author (Jane Casey) 

Have you discovered any new to you authors recently? Are you taking part in #NewToMeMay?


  1. Pretty good start! I actually have three new-to-me authors coming up, two of them for review but still count!

    1. Yes, review books definitely count :) I have quite a few of them on my pile for this month. I'm hoping to get through quite a few books in May...

  2. Interesting challenge. I often read authors that are new to me, so I don't get very far in any series cause I try to check out different authors on a regular basis but gives quite a diversity to the reading. So, neat idea for a challenge.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I've been finding that I HAVEN'T been reading much else but authors I've already read and loved this year so I really needed a push to try out new stories and authors :)


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