Thursday, May 29, 2014

REVIEW: Breakable by Tammara Webber

I absolutely LOVED Easy when I read it awhile back and it has been a book that I've read several times since because of how much I enjoyed the story and the characters and the romance. And while I was very excited to hear of this new story by Tammara Webber, Breakable, telling us the events of Easy but from Lucas's perspective, I was both excited and a little bit wary. Wary because for the most part, the books I've read of a familiar story but told from the man's perspective have been a little bit disappointing.  They didn't seem to offer anything new and they felt repetitive and a bit anti-climatic when it came to the romance or emotional highs of the original story.  And I was wary because I didn't want to be disappointed by this book or by Lucas, who is one of my favourite fictional men to read about.

I'm incredibly happy to report that Breakable by Tammara Webber was in no way disappointing or anti-climatic.  It was really good. Instead of just regurgitating the events of Easy but from a different perspective, Tammara Webber gave us more. She gave us a much fuller and more interesting back story that really helped to fill in all of those details and holes in my mental picture of who Lucas Maxwell is as a person. And I loved that. His was a really interesting story and I found it fascinating to read and witness this journey he takes.

He's quite a broken and grieving young person after his mother's tragic death and Breakable shows us how he turns to drugs and girls and violence in order to get through it all.  I loved seeing the friendships and relationships that have a big impact on him and to see why there is such a big divide in his head between who he was as Landon and who he has become as Lucas.  It was really interesting!

And of course the narrative splits between Lucas as a teen and also there is everything with Jacqueline as well from the beginning of the school year before they meet, the attack, their relationship and also a sneaky look at their relationship after as well.  It was so well done. Even with things that were familiar from Easy, like when Lucas draws Jacqueline in her dorm room, it still feels fresh in that we are now privy to what Lucas is thinking and feeling in these moments.

Reading Breakable made me fall in love with Lucas all over again.  I really recommend this wonderful companion novel to fans of Easy and of contemporary romances!

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