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UKYA in June

What?! It's now JUNE. June. How and when did that happen? It's not all bad news though, because June looks set to be an AMAZING month for UKYA.  Shamefully, I'm hugely behind on my June reading and have *8* of these books on my shelves unread. Hopefully I'll get to them all by the end of the month!

I think I'm most looking forward to Remix by Non Pratt, Endgame by CJ Daugherty, In Another Life by Laura Jarratt and For Holly by Tanya Byrne. Do share in comments or on Twitter which book(s) you're most looking forward to reading this month...


Blood and Ink by Stephen Davies

Blood and Ink is being described as an African Romeo and Juliet set in Timbuktu in 2012. I think it sounds really interesting and I love both the idea of reading about something I know very little about and also about reading a story set some place very different to what I'd normally come across. I shall definitely be picking this book up to read this month! Published 4th June.


Endgame by CJ Daugherty

Never have I been more excited/scared to read the final book in the series since Deathly Hallows. I've been with the Night School series since the beginning and I've witnessed the ups and downs in Allie's life (and at Cimmeria Academy) and I'm fully invested in the lives and loves of these characters. What's going to happen? How will it all end? Why does it look like the school is ON FIRE behind Allie on the cover? Will my heart be able to take the tension of waiting much longer?! Published 4th June, so not long to wait!


The Almost King by Lucy Saxon

In The Almost King, we return to the same world as Take Back the Skies but continue the series with another set of main characters. I loved the world that Lucy Saxon has created here and I'm really intrigued by the airships and adventure that is promised in this exciting sequel. Published 4th June.

Electric Monkey

In Another Life by Laura Jarratt

I absolutely adore Laura Jarratt's stories. Do you know this about me already? Every book I've read by her, starting with Skin Deep, has just cemented her status as one of my newest favourite authors. I love her writing style and her characters and their relationships to each other and I love her gentle exploration of identity and language amongst other things. And I'm really looking forward to reading her newest, about a girl investigating the disappearance of her sister! Published 4th June.


It's About Love by Steven Camden

Darkest Night by Will Hill

I don't have very much to say about these two books. I've not read anything by Steven Camden as yet. I know his new one is about two film studies students, Luke and Leia. And that's it published 4th June!

Darkest Night is the 5th book in the Department 19 series of books (which I've not read!) I was intrigued by this series initially but now that we're 5 books in, I'm just not sure! This book is also published 4th June.


For Holly by Tanya Byrne

Isn't June spoiling us already with the amount of shit-hot books that are being published?! As well as many others, we're getting the new one from Tanya Byrne and I, for one, could not be more excited! For Holly sounds a little bit dark and edgy, about an angry teenage girl who is grieving the loss of her mother and angry with her father for remarrying so soon. It's set in Paris and honestly, I just cannot wait! Published 4th June.


Boywatching by Chloe Bennet

The Memory Hit by Carla Spradbery

Apparently Boywatching is written under a pseudonym. I looked it up because this book arrived unexpectedly and it has such a gorgeous orange colour to it. It really seems to pop. It looks like a really cute, fun, summery read and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Published 4th June.

On the other hand, The Memory Hit looks like another dark, fast-paced thriller from Carla Spradbery. This time about drug dealing and a memory-altering drug! Published 4th June.

Hot Key Books

Being A Girl by Hayley Long

Technically speaking, this book probably shouldn't be included on this list as it is a non-fiction guide for teenage girls, but I'm including it anyway.  I love the idea of more non-fiction guides aimed specifically at teenagers, especially a guide such as this that is probably very helpful and informative. With illustrations by Gemma Correll. Published 4th June.


My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend by Eleanor Wood

Few books on this list this month look as exciting and fun as this book does. It pairs a geeky girl with a rockstar, it includes a music blogger, a fangirl and an impossible dream.  I absolutely love the sound of it and I assure you this book will not stay unread on my shelf for long.  Because I still totally have that daydream about a famous musician singing me a love song! Published 4th June.

Piccadilly Press

Only We Know by Simon Packham

Only We Knew is another contemporary thriller by Simon Packham. About a family who move away unexpectedly and Lauren and her sister, Tilda, must get used to a new place and school and friends and carry on with their lives as best as they can. Until the day that a package arrives that lets Lauren know that someone else knows their secret... Published 4th June.


Air by Lisa Glass

I didn't even know what I was missing until I read Blue by Lisa Glass last year and then I realised that I had wanted all along were more romantic surfing stories. And Air, published 4th June, is the sequel to Blue. It sees Iris and Zeke, two amazing characters, competing worldwide in surfing competitions. It should be their happily ever after but it seems far from it as Iris must put up with Zeke's exes and something mysterious that happens in Hawaii. I need this book in my life and I need it now!

Random House

The Changeling by Helen Falconer

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

While I'll admit that I find the cover for The Changeling to be quite pretty and eye-catching, I'm not sure I'm that excited by the premise of the story. But then, changeling stories and books involving the fae have never been the type of stories that I enjoy! Published 4th June.

Whereas I'm very intrigued by Sophie Kinsella's first foray into Young Adult fiction.  I've loved her contemporary adult romances and I'm very curious about Finding Audrey about a girl with anxiety and the way it changes both her life and her family's! Published 4th June.


Promtastic by Liz Elwes

Catwalk Criminal by Sarah Sky

Two very fun, colourful books from Scholastic this month!  I have to say, I unabashedly, unashamedly LOVE prom stories. I just can't get enough of them, so it was with great surprise and excitement to receive Promtastic in the post recently. Published 4th of June.

And I hear nothing but really good things about the Jessica Cole; Model Spy series. Catwalk Criminal is the third book in the series, but I have not read any of them so far. Something that needs to be rectified, I'm sure. Published 4th June.


Phoenix Rising by Bryony Pearce

I love it when books come out like Phoenix Rising. Pirates sound absolutely amazing and I feel incredibly excited to be reading about something so very different. Pirates! This book is about a boy who has lived his life entirely aboard this pirate ship, scavenging what can be. Until he falls in love with a girl from a rival pirate ship. It sounds fun, adventurous and romantic and I'm thrilled about it. Published 1st June.


Remix by Non Pratt

Annnnd, last but certainly not least, we have the new book by Non Pratt. Last year's Trouble was incredible and I expect nothing less from Remix. Especially as this book is set at a music festival and centres around two best mates. Music, mates, boys. Sounds like perfect summer reading to me! Published 4th June.

Which book(s) are you most looking forward to reading in June?!


  1. So much awesome! I loved Being a Girl and Remix and I can't wait for Air, For Holly and In Another Life.

    1. Oh me too. Air, For Holly and In Another Life are books I'm dying to read :)

  2. Lots of great books here! I'm very much looking forward to For Holly!

    1. Yes there are! I think this summer in particular is going to be amazing for fab UKYA.

  3. Remix is AMAZING, I'm reading In Another Life at the moment and really enjoying, and For Holly and Blood & Ink both look fantastic.

    Top of my wants list, though, HAS to be Darkest Night. I think Department 19 is possibly the best series of the last 10 years or so - can't wait to see how it ends!!

    1. I have the first Department 19 book on my Kindle ... but I really don't think I'll read it. I hear amazing things but I don't think I have it in me to commit.


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