Wednesday, July 20, 2016

YALC panic

YALC is upon us very soon. I love YALC. It always excites me, the idea of seeing my favourite people, meeting up with book blogger friends, author friends, publishing type friends. All of us in one space there for the sole purpose of celebrating books and words and stories and reading. I love that.

In previous years I've poured over the author list, the programme. I'd create myself a schedule, a timeline of events. I'd try to narrow down the tower of books I wanted to bring with me for signing. In previous years I'd know who else was going to be there, who else I might likely bump into when I was there. That was half the fun.

This year, none of that has really happened. I'm still excited for YALC, I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. But I've barely looked at the authors coming, I don't know what the programme looks like on either day in there. No idea what books to bring, who will be there. I'm entirely unprepared.

Everything else in my life has just taken over. I imagine myself either getting more prepared before the end of the month OR more likely just rocking up to YALC with nothing more than my smile and my excitement for what I'll meet there. Maybe I'll just take it as it comes? See who I see, make it to whatever panels I can and just float between pockets of cool people. We shall see.

Are you going to be at YALC this year? What's your plan??

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  1. I'll be there Friday and Saturday - I'm so excited! I have a sort of plan but I know from last year, plans tend to out the window - in the best way!


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