Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Additions to My Netgalley Shelf

Not sure if anyone but me will be interested but I thought every now and again I'd share with you the books I've recently downloaded from Netgalley. I almost never remember to mention them during my book hauls on booktube, and I figure it'd be nice to at least mention them somewhere. Even if I never get around to reading them (likely) AND I like talking about some stuff just so I feel like I'm being held accountable.  You know? So in writing about these books it might make it more likely that I get to reading them sooner rather than later. We'll see how that goes.

Plus, I always just find it really interesting to see what books pique other people's fancy, right? Isn't that interesting?

If You Could See Me Now by Keris Stainton

Izzy Harris should have it all – but her boyfriend has been ignoring her for months, she’s been overlooked for a promotion, and the owner of her local coffee shop pervs on her every time she has a craving for a salted caramel muffin.

Then her life is unexpectedly turned upside down.

Izzy dumps her oblivious boyfriend, and leaps on the chance to win a big pitch at work. Needing to work closely with gorgeous colleague Alex is an added perk…

But then her best friend has her heart broken, the pitch is way more complicated than expected, and Alex is keeping secrets. Does Izzy have what it takes to help her friend, save her career and get the guy?

I'm a huge fan of Keris Stainton and while I don't read a great deal of adult fiction this one sounds amazing and I've been hearing SUCH good things about it. Funny, feminist ...I cannot resist. Why would I want to? 

There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

One-by-one, the students of Osborne High are dying in a series of gruesome murders, each with increasing and grotesque flair. As the terror grows closer and the hunt intensifies for the killer, the dark secrets among them must finally be confronted.

International bestselling author Stephanie Perkins returns with a fresh take on the classic teen slasher story that’s fun, quick-witted, and completely impossible to put down.

Okay, I'll admit it.  I didn't know Stephanie Perkins was writing something other than a romantic story for her latest.  I saw 'Stephanie Perkins' on Netgalley and clicked it ... then got a huge surprise when I read the synopsis.  Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you all knew of this ages ago but I've not been keeping up with my YA news. Anyway, not the type of book I'd normally read but I'm definitely intrigued. 

A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland

Ever since Esther Solar's grandfather was cursed by Death, everyone in her family has been doomed to suffer one great fear in their lifetime. Esther's father is agoraphobic and hasn't left the basement in six years, her twin brother can t be in the dark without a light on, and her mother is terrified of bad luck.

The Solars are consumed by their fears and, according to the legend of the curse, destined to die from them. 

Esther doesn't know what her great fear is yet (nor does she want to), a feat achieved by avoiding pretty much everything. Elevators, small spaces, and crowds are all off-limits. So are haircuts, spiders, dolls, mirrors and three dozen other phobias she keeps a record of in her semi-definitive list of worst nightmares. 

Then Esther is pickpocketed by Jonah Smallwood, an old elementary school classmate. Along with her phone, money and a fruit roll-up she d been saving, Jonah also steals her list of fears. Despite the theft, Esther and Jonah become friends, and he sets a challenge for them: in an effort to break the curse that has crippled her family, they will meet every Sunday of senior year to work their way through the list, facing one terrifying fear at a time, including one that Esther hadn't counted on: love.

You know how when you request a book on Netgalley it asks you if it was the author, cover or description of the book that grabbed your attention? For me with this book it was a combination of the cover, the title and the description.  I haven't read Krystal Sutherland's previous book, I hadn't heard of this book before I clicked on it at Netgalley but I thought I'd request it on an utter whim and hope for the best. 

#NotYourPrincess edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale

Whether looking back to a troubled past or welcoming a hopeful future, the powerful voices of Indigenous women across North America resound in this book. In the same style as the best-selling Dreaming in Indian, #NotYourPrincess presents an eclectic collection of poems, essays, interviews, and art that combine to express the experience of being a Native woman. Stories of abuse, humiliation, and stereotyping are countered by the voices of passionate women making themselves heard and demanding change. Sometimes angry, often reflective, but always strong, the women in this book will give teen readers insight into the lives of women who, for so long, have been virtually invisible.

I realise that this choice probably isn't going to be one that YOU necessarily run to Netgalley looking for ... but I'm Native American, so this anthology of Native American voices made me really happy to see. I'm looking forward to it. 

What have you been requesting from Netgalley lately? 

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