Tuesday, May 01, 2018

52: Write a poem a week

I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to share some of the poetry that I’ve been writing over these past few months. I’ve decided that I won’t share every poem and it probably won’t be shared often, but here we go. The following poem I wrote during week two and the theme was ‘a journey’ - please be kind, the only people who have ever read any of my poetry are two close friends who are more than a little biased.

It started to rain just as we left the house
Just after we had decided to walk instead of drive
Thinking the weather would hold out just that little bit longer
It was a drizzle at first
Then got heavier, wetter
Our walk quickly transformed into to a damp, cold sludge

Silently, I pulled my hood over my head
and he did the same
and in that moment, without complaint,
I remembered other such walks in the rain
Where he'd cry over his cold fingers or wet face
And I'd blow warm air onto his hands or bring out mismatched mittens from my bag
Little snacks or funny faces to distract from the slow torment of water creeping into shoes
Other walks where he'd be delighted
Jumping over puddles, into puddles
A muddy, happy mess of a boy
Him wearing his Spiderman boots and holding my hand.

As we near the school, I stand at the gates and watch
With his hands in his pockets, his hood up
He walks off
Without a backward glance.

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