Tuesday, February 27, 2024

What I've Been Watching Lately

Quite often I just don't feel like reading.  I don't class them as reading slumps anymore, just passing moods.  I'm in one of those passing moods right now (though I am still reading, just at a much slower pace than I'd normally read) so I thought I'd share what I've been watching lately.  

One Day 

I absolutely loved this TV series on Netflix. I have read the book by David Nicholls many years ago and I've seen the film adaptation with Anne Hathaway but I much preferred this TV adaptation. I really believed in Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod as Dexter and Emma.  And selfishly, as a woman of colour I loved Ambika Mod's casting and being able to see her being told how beautiful she is on screen so many times (she is!).  I knew what the story was going into it, I knew that Dexter's character was a knobhead for most of it and that he would piss me off (which he did).  I'm glad they skipped past all the 'ugh, I wanted to be an important writer, and all I managed was some children's books' from Emma's storyline which was a big gripe for me previously.  And that final bit? Where she tells him that she doesn't want to be a footnote in his life? It slayed me.  Maybe let's get going with more stories where the woman doesn't have to die to teach a man some life lessons though, yeah? 

Past Lives

I'm including this on my list but I haven't technically finished it yet. I remember taking a screenshot of the cinema listings when I was browsing the app one day thinking 'I'd like to see this' but when I finally did get round to actually booking a ticket, all the showings were at 10pm. Yeah, I'm in bed by that time, there's no possible way. Then! I had a leaflet through my door for a local Film Society who were showing this in April. I thought oh man, how great would that be. Especially as I hoped that E would come with me. But of course, when I looked at the website for the film society, Past Lives had been mysteriously dropped. But no worries! It ended up being on Netflix where I'm watching it at the moment. I have about 45 minutes left but I find both main characters, Greta Lee and Teo You, to be utterly charming and I am definitely invested in their relationship. Plus some of the direction is just impossibly beautiful. The two of them as children walking away from each other? Will live in my head for awhile.

Death Comes to Pemberley

Not going to lie, folks. I had no idea about Death Comes to Pemberley before last week or so. Whenever it ended up on Netflix (I refuse to say the word 'drops') I saw the trailer and I just immediately though, god I have to watch this. A crime-y sequel to Pride and Prejudice? I'm in. Plus, Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin? Honestly, it was lightning quick reaction. And I loved Death Comes to Pemberley. I loved this glimpse into the possibilities of Elizabeth and Darcy after Pride and Prejudice. With more dramatics from Lydia and Wickham, especially when I think ... am I feeling sympathetic to two of the most hideous literary characters ever? I think I am.  And it was just so much fun.  It was only 3 episodes and probably wasn't as sweeping as some period dramas, but I definitely loved it. 


I had heard A LOT about Fleabag when it first aired. A LOT. I know I'm late to the party on this one but I don't normally have access to Amazon Prime Video. E has a free student trial and I am using however many months he has it to binge everything and anything I might not normally be able to see. And I started with this.  Mostly because I saw a little clip on Instagram.  I engaged with an Andrew Scott clip of him promoting his new film with Paul Mescall, All Of Us Strangers, which looks SO GOOD and I loved him as Moriarty in Sherlock. But I saw a clip of Fleabag telling him 'I love you' and him responding 'It'll pass' and I was like HOLY SHIT, I need to see the build up to that scene.  And it definitely lived up to all my expectations. I loved Fleabag and Boo. I loved Olivia Colman in it, she is fucking so excellent at being a character I loved to hate. But aside from Hot Priest, it was definitely Fleabag and Claire that I wanted to see more and more of. So whilst I went into watching this dying to see that one scene I can think of plenty other ones that were just as powerful.  

What have you been watching lately, I'd love to know. Also, give me recommendations. I'm thinking maybe This Is Us or Veronica Mars? I don't know. I need your help.

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