Monday, January 30, 2006


So at the moment, I'm reading 'The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud' It's actually quite a sweet book, and I almost didn't pick it up - the fact that it's a Richard and Judy summer pick or whatever really put me off, but I like it so far. The introduction and the first chapter was really good, which means I'll probably finish it even if the storyline is a little out there. I have too many books, and I thought I'd try to sell some on ebay, but books don't sell very well there - I was very disappointed. I had a look and even some first edition, signed hardbacks by some of my favourite authors are going for under 20 pounds, what is wrong with people? So instead, I signed up for this ReadItSwapIt website where you make a list of all the books you don't want anymore, and then try and swap them for other people's unwanted books and post each other the books. Better than going to the library, both major libraries near to me never buy new books. So why not? I added all my details, went through some books yesterday - this morning I was inundated with 10 requests to swap books. Can I be bothered anymore? Now I'm considering the postage, the walk to the post office, the fact that I'll probably never read the books due to the fact that I'm meant to be studying for this year's law course, and have a little baby. Well it was a good idea in theory.


  1. ReadItSwapIt is great... you should definitely give it a go! You can always reject a few of the swaps if you don't have time to do them all.

  2. I've rejected quite a few already, but I've got this one particular person who's requestion almost all of my books! I've had to say no to her 5 times.. done two swaps so far and in the process of my third, it's not too bad.


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