Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pay Off Your Mortgage

Has anyone else been watching that programme on the BBC, Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years? It's basically the same thing the guy tells the people every week - cut down your expenditures, and make more money. Save and earn more, it's just interesting to see how people try to make more money. They all start up their own businesses based on what skills they have - children's party entertaining, a jewellery business, buying/selling properties. I'd love to be able to earn some money now that I'm on maternity leave, but I really don't know what skills I could cash in on, and that's pretty sad. I looked on NetMums (there's a link on the sidebar) to see what other mothers are doing - selling Avon, Anne Summers, homemade crafts/jewellery, etc - and I almost went with selling Usborne books (hey - I used to be a bookseller) until I realised I don't know enough people who would want to buy children's books from me. Another dead end. I'll keep looking.

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