Monday, February 27, 2006


Had another law course tutorial on Saturday. Turned out to be a nightmare. Apparently there was engineering working being done on the Picadilly line, which forced me onto a bus replacement service and I had to take the most roundabout way possible to get to the Regent's College. Woke up late, had to rush off without breakfast or even taking the right things (no book to amuse me on the tube/bus) When I got there, everyone was talking about some political issue I haven't kept up with in the papers and during the discussion that took up most of the two hour lecture, most of it was over my head. Already I haven't kept up with the reading as well as I should have. Which is terrible, because I stayed at home everyday last week (too lazy to venture out in the rain) and had plenty of time. This week will have to be different. Need to go out to the High Street today though..

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