Friday, March 17, 2006


So, you might think this is strange. I think it's very strange, and I'm not sure how this came into my head. But I remember I was at some strange man's party awhile back (I think he worked with my husband, though I'm not really sure) and I remember talking to this friend of mine who was there (hmm, I don't really keep in contact with her anymore. This must have been a lot longer ago than I thought) and she was talking about meeting up with people from the Internet to go clubbing with. I immediately thought, 'oh no, don't do that - it could be so dangerous' and I ended up telling her all this stuff like, if you're definately going to go ahead with it, meet them as part of a group, in a public place.. and I had to stop and just laugh at myself. As people who know me, know - I met my husband online. And when we met up face to face, I walked right up to his hotel door and knocked. And that wasn't the first time I'd met someone. I met up with people to go watch movies, or to go bowling. Some picked me up from my house, or at work. I didn't have a care in the world and didn't think anything of it. How much I've changed.

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