Friday, March 17, 2006


Maybe because it's Friday, and I'm just overly tired but I'm finding it extremely annoying that my (few) friends in England have yet to acknowledge this website (have given the link numerous times) or comment. Thank you for the support. On the other hand, thank you to those people who DO comment (one is a complete stranger, what does that say to you?) and I've added links on the side to Keris's and Becca's blogs (Diane's was already there!) And speaking of that, I spent the entire day (between feeding Boy who sadly went back two steps and is on 3 hourly feeds again) reading Keris's (this feels strange with the first names!) blogs - her new one and the old one. Loved it, made for great reading :) Wanted to tackle the list of unreplied to emails in my Inbox today, but I couldn't. Not sure why. Also couldn't be bothered with lunch and ended up eating three sesame seed bagels throughout the day instead. On the one hand, yummy and on the other, how lazy can I be? :) Yesterday, agreed to eighth ReadItSwapIt thing, and am finally getting Dead Poet's Society (after 3 week wait) but had to swap another book I brought over from America (She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb). I knew I'd never read it again, I just get so emotionally attached to things. The other weekend one of our house viewers asked if we'd be willing to include our sofas into the cost of the house, and I nearly burst into tears. Over sofas, what's wrong with me? Anyway, that's it for this week..

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  1. Thanks! I've only just seen this because I was soooooo behind on my blog reading. Bless you for reading archives, you must be procrastinating on something ;)

    Oh and my Boy is teething too (only six more to come through, unfortunately they're the biggest six), so you have my sympathies. :(

    K x


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