Monday, April 10, 2006


So, I finished reading Where Have All the Boys Gone by Jenny Colgan yesterday. I'd read some of her previous books.. Searching for Andrew McCarthy and Do You Remember the First Time? and thought they were quite fun, light-hearted reads. And this one was as well, there were some really amusing bits to them and witty come-backs. Some of the things that happened were a little obvious and it was clear who the main character would end up with from the beginning, but it made me laugh, and that's all I was expecting :)


  1. Thanks for the reccomendation - I'm almost done with my current book, and could use something a little more lighthearted :)

  2. Ah, but you're meant to leave a recommendation in return. Or not..

  3. I bought that book and then I bought one of the lady's mags the other day and they were giving it away for free. FOR FREE!

    I can't remember who it's by, but if you like this you should give Have Love, Will Travel a go.

    Do it,do it,do it!

  4. Just checked, and apparently it's by a Lucy Sweet but no one has it or in the library. Will put it on my list of books to look out for though :)


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