Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Open All Hours

So, ages ago, in fact since I moved here, I've pretty much avoided English sitcoms. There's been a few that I hadn't minded, like The Good Life, but that seemed to be the exception. I just don't get British humour most of the time. And then last night, the TV was on, and Open All Hours was on. I'd seen a couple episodes before and didn't find the humour, but last night I couldn't stop laughing. I fear this means I have to give other shows a chance...


  1. I love British comedy's! I watch the one that come on PBS at nights.. My Fav. ones are "Last of the Summer Wine" and the "Vicor of Dubly".

  2. You know, I've never watched either of those shows. Is that the one where he goes 'I don't belieeeeeve it?'


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