Wednesday, May 31, 2006


So, these last few days has been a series of starting things, and then stopping. I tried reading My Life In Orange by Tim Guest (because part of the story was set in Eugene, Oregon) but I wasn't interested enough in the setting or the details of the Bhagwan movement. I also tried A Wedding In December by Anita Shreve, as I'd liked most of her other books - but it turns out not any of her latest. I just couldn't focus on this, All He Ever Wanted or Light On Snow, so I think I'm giving up on her as an author. But the absolute worst, was I had fed Boy, and knew he needed to sleep, so I quickly put in The Chronicles of Narnia to watch (I've been dying to see it for absolutely ages) and while Boy and I had a little cuddle, I thought this was the best time to watch it. I got through most of it, until Aslan turns to Peter and says 'It's finished' and then it cut off, like it was a prophecy. Something faulty with my copy :( I wish I knew how much more of it there was... Also, see the new links on the side. I've been lazy and haven't found the time to post my List. Will get on that, probably this afternoon.

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