Thursday, May 18, 2006

Theme tunes

So, last night my husband downloaded a whole bunch of really old TV theme songs. Most I have never heard before, but it was fun playing 'name that tune' with him (he's got a bizarrely good memory) and some of them were really catchy. They were a lot nicer than theme songs now, sounded like actual music some of them (others not so much, but they were different at least) and now, I have the Button Moon theme stuck in my head. 'We're off to Button Moon... to follow Mr Spoon.. Button Moon, Button Moon..' We recently bought the DVD of it, I love it so much!


  1. YOu have to listen to "Whatever happened to the Likely Lads"( theme song and also "Round the Twist" but I can't find the MP3 of that.

  2. Even though I've never heard of either of them? :) I will have a look though..


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