Thursday, May 18, 2006

Northern Lights

Apparently, I've seen the Northern Lights about a zillion times. Until I was about 7, my family lived in Alaska.. sometimes so far away from civilisation my dad would have to drive for hours to the nearest town to get groceries once a month. Anyway, when the Northern Lights came about, he'd take my brother and me farther up north to see them.. for some reason, this is a good time to go rabbit hunting. My brother loved it, he'd run around picking up rabbit corpses screaming 'I got one, I got one' and run and lay them in a big heap. And there'd I'd be crying like the big baby I was. My dad says everytime I saw the Northern Lights, I'd associate them with dead bunnies and burst into tears straight away. Funny how something so beautiful can be so traumatic.

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