Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Ooh, how much do I want one of these wacky treehouses? There's also Pirate ships available, and .. even Tiki Huts COMBINED with pirate ships! Different colours, with different interiors and slides and swings and .. oh, it's too much for me. Even carvings of what looks like Smokey the Bear.


  1. I always wanted a tree house when I was a kid, Hell I still do! My brother had one, but I didn't. So I found a great big bush and crawled inside it. That was my hiding place..

  2. I always wanted a treehouse. Once, in a different house we lived in, there was an old tree house in the middle of nowhere that David and I kind of commandeered as our own, but then we moved. I used to play in my closet, and once there was this crawl space in our old garage that no one knew about where I created my own little hideaway. I loved it. But I think these treehouses would definately be cooler!

  3. Those tree houses are pretty cool! I should get one for me and dog to play in! =)


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