Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cutest Baby

I'm sure that every mother out there believes that her child is the cutest baby ever.. and really, I think Boy definately is. Just look at him. He's brilliant.. not only the cutest, but also the happiest and less fussy. He'll sit happily and play with his toys without anyone's attention, he's got a quick smiles and laughs easily. He sleeps (mostly) through the night and has for awhile now. He has a real mischievious look about him, and now that he's started getting the hang of crawling, we've really got to keep an eye on him, but he's the best thing that's ever happened in my life. Even from pregnancy, he hasn't been any problem. No morning sickness, no problems at all. Labour was nice and quick. He's just as active now than he was in the womb. He loves having his arms and legs pulled and having his stomach tickled. He makes the funniest little faces. Staring is his favourite game. He hardly ever cries, and loves banging on the keyboard whilst Mommy's typing. He's really inquisitive and loves lights. He's learned how to climb up people. He's so full of energy he never stops wriggling and it's hard to change his clothes or his nappy. He has lovely long eyelashes that I'm envious of, and the most expressive eyes. He has more clothes than I do. He loves going outside for walks and going shopping because it means he can stare at more stuff. He never cries when we go out, and usually sleeps peacefully in church. Because he loves people singing to him, especially his Daddy. He's loved very much.


  1. I know :) Some people say he looks like me, but he's too cute for that.

  2. In some of the pics he does, but in others he looks like like your hubby =)

  3. That is one cute little mite!


  4. Of course, I think my baby it the cutest ;) but yours is extremely cute too!


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