Thursday, May 18, 2006


When I was younger, I used to write little stories all the time. It didn't take much, I'd overhear a stranger's conversation and write a story around it, or take something small from my own talk-show childhood and write away. In 8th grade, I used to carry around a floppy disk with me(remember those?) and at one point it had 30+ stories on it. Somehow it got wet, and everything was ruined - but I wasn't too bothered, I always kept writing. I loved my daydream about being a writer when I grew up... with one small problem. I was never ready to show people what I'd written, because I'd never finished a story. Especially with the stories taken from my own little world, there was too much of my own emotions involved and inevitably there was some issue I was trying to work out, for someone else to read before I was finished. But I had no privacy in my house. If I'd written it down, even if I hid it, my father or my brother would come into my room and read it. If it was on the computer, my dad would find it and read it. When I tried to password protect my Word documents, I'd be shouted at until it was opened (my password then was always 'knock' because no one in my house did). There was so much pressure as well. My dad would go on about how much he enjoyed all the stories and that I could be published - all I wanted to do was write for fun. I couldn't stand it, I stopped writing. I always felt like something was taken away from me. So when I started this blog, it was fun again. I'm writing for me, without any pressure and privacy isn't an issue. I love writing completely unconnected paragraphs day after day..

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