Monday, June 12, 2006


I know Boy is only six months and all, but last week a cousin of ours had a beautiful baby girl, and I started feeling all broody for a little girl. Is it stupid of me to think that I'll NEVER have a girl? Obviously I don't have any evidence or anything, but I seriously think it'd be impossible. As soon as I knew I was pregnant last year, I knew the baby would be a boy, it couldn't be anything else. My husband and I completely do plan on having another child at some point, but even my husband agrees if it happens again, it'd probably be another boy. We were discussing our future house the other day and how it'd be nice to have a playroom.. 'for the boys to run around in' as he said. Oh well. Boys are nice too.


  1. I knew right away with my boy too. When I found out I was preggers the first thing I said was: "its a boy, because it would be too easy if it was a girl" Thats because my sister in law had a baby girl and would have given me all of her stuff!

  2. I have a friend with 2 boys already and will be trying for that "girl" in September.

    My silly husband used to tell me before my son arrived, "I hope you don't want a girl because I only make boy children". But I knew that my 1st was going to be a boy also. Unsure of how I just knew that!


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