Sunday, June 11, 2006

Season Finales

So we finally saw the season finale of 24. I chose this photo because I laugh everytime I see one of those tacky American adverts where it shows Jack all hero-like with dramatic music and aterrible backround like this one. It was all right. I think I'd have preferred a gunfight or some big explosion at the end instead of the First Lady tricking her husband. Oh well. I was thinking somewhere in the middle about the Chinese government wanting to take action about the whole last-season consulate thingy, but then I forgot about it. Jack will never have a happy ending, will he? Or at least not for how many years more has signed up for? I'm glad they gave a mention to Edgar. Poor guy, I liked his character.

We also watched the last episode of Alias last night. I think if when I'd watched it, if the sound had been in sync, I may have cried. I loved the father-daughter relationship with Jack and Sydney. I wish we'd seen Greg Grunberg more in the last season, and more of Marshall in that last episode, but oh well. I'll be sad to see it go. I did like how they incorporated all of the old cast members during the season as well (Will Tippin, whatsherface who was cloned and then died, Sydney's mom, Sark) but I hope Marshall Flinckman gets his own spinoff show - how great would that be? Him, and his four boys. :) If not, what am I going to watch now?!

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  1. You know usually we(the husband and I) don't watch any of these types of shows but this one we actually religiously followed until one night we missed it and decided we could not continue watching it having missed 1 episode. It was pretty early in the season. Remember when the middle Easterners(is that the correct term?) kidnapped the president and his daughter and Jack saved the day! Well that was the last episode we saw.


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