Monday, June 12, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

OK, I'm a dork. I fully realise this, so there's no need to ridicule me further. Here's the thing: I love watching Deal or No Deal. I get quite into it, and make little noises and gasp a lot when watching it. When I was in hospital, my mother-in-law would send me Deal or No Deal updates about which person was on the show that day and if they beat the banker or not. There's no skill required (as one contestant said 'I can be as stupid as I like') but it's fun. I know eeyore220376 of Anger Management has said he detests the contestants for all their hand-holding and 'THINK BLUE' but I don't mind it (except when the contestants open their boxes REALLY slow, then I get a bit miffed). I like the sheer cheesiness of it all, and it makes me happy when someone wins loads of money. Oh, and not like I do it ALL the time, but on Channel 4's website, you can enter for free to win money every day at

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I think we are going to have to disagree on this one. The way Noel Edmonds pretends to be excited/concerned/interested/amused/upset by the banker makes me cringe every time I see him, and I only see him while I am flicking through the channels and I happen to stop for more than a minute on channel 4. I do have friends that have been to watch the program being made and they have talked about it constantly for weeks after, I tend to switch off after a while. If there's one thing worse than seeing Noel on the TV, it's having to listen to grown women talking about him while I am trying to enjoy my pint at the pub.

    Love your blog, even if it does mention 'Deal or No Deal'



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