Monday, July 03, 2006

Good In Bed

I love going to a different library than my usual one - I get so exasperated seeing the same tired books everytime I venture into my local library. Anyway, in Different-and-New-Library, I was looking for her In Her Shoes but I left with Good In Bed. I loved it. Every bit of it, the main character's issues with her weight, the abandonment issues with her father, her rage later on in the book, her feeling that no one could love her. I laughed, I cried, I wanted more. There was a little niggling annoyance that Cannie accidentally became the best friend of a movie star, that it was a little contrived but I didn't hate the book for it, it was still good.


  1. I still say you should find _Sound and Fury_ by Dave Kindred. :) -Anthony (torgo). And read my blog, too! 0=)

  2. A friend and I are starting a book club. Would you recommend this one for it?


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