Sunday, July 23, 2006

Surprise trip to Brighton Beach!

We were planning on going to Brighton beach on Saturday, but my husband surprised me by taking Friday off and whisking me off first thing in the morning - playing cheesy car games like I Spy and 20 Questions to pass the time (I rule). It was such a great day - really hot, but not as unbearable as it has been of late. And there were far less people, which is always a bonus. We took Ammar of Lost Path with us and I managed to persuade him to come on the log flume ride with me on the pier :)(Thanks by the way, I know you weren't keen on it) Baby Boy was a brilliant baby boy, not fussy at all even though he was pretty restricted all day. It was my first time at a British beach in six years, and I almost left without getting in the water.. but we drived somewhere down the coast and found this really secluded-ish area, and I managed to bury my feet in the sandy bit just as the water was coming in, that was my favourite bit.

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